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Rice Krispie treats at Disney World- Allergy Friendly or Foe? (is it gluten free?)

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Here’s the thing about Disney World… they have some awesome food!

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve seen some of the cool food creation pictures on instagram, facebook, Pinterest, etc.

It’s actually pretty genius, Disney knows that food sells.

People need to eat.

And people love to take pictures of their food.

Normally, right? Unless you are an allergy person, then things are get kinda hairy.

In our house, We’ve been battling allergies for many years now, but before they became a problem (our kids were born with allergies and then we connected the dots with ourselves) we loved to enjoy mickey shaped foods and special treats at Disney World.

Especially Rice Krispie treats!

These treats are a popular food across the Disney Parks and resorts. You can find them fresh in the bakery or prepackaged in many shops and resorts, from quick service at the hotels to shops in Disney Springs.

But there are rumbles online that they aren’t safe, despite not having a gluten/wheat warning.

Let’s look at the ingredients

Ok, so here’s the thing.

Every person is unique, so what might be safe for me (or for you!) would not be safe for another person.

Most importantly, you need to make sure that you aren’t nonchalant about allergies with the public. If you are intolerant, don’t recant and say you can eat gluten, or that it’s no big deal- because for many of us it is!

Here’s the ingredients from July 2019. (I also checked in June 2019 and it was the same)

pay special attention to the ‘cereal treat’ and not so much to the other ingredients, as you can get the Rice Krispie treat plain.

Where are they made?

Looking at the above ingredient list, and speaking with the kind cast members at Disney World, we know that the Rice Krispies are produced in a facility that is NOT certified gluten free.

However, they do take every precaution to clean the equipment and facilities to prevent exposure (we know that gluten can hang in the air for a while though!).

So what’s the verdict?

It’s really up to you! Hopefully, you enjoy your trip regardless of what you get to it!

We know that on a despite not having a gluten warning on rice krispies the brand OR the goods at the store, Kelloggs has said on a different site that their malt flavoring does contain gluten.

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