Review: Triple Decker Allergy Friendly Sandwich at Disney is a Bucket List item

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Magic Kingdom is full of fun adventures, and great food. Some of it is easy to find, and other’s are hidden little secrets that you stumble upon.

One option I stumbled upon and absolutely love is the Triple Decker Club Sandwich. Like, I could eat it almost every day and still love it. (in fact, I’ve had it almost once a month for the last few months and still love it!)

Super Allergy Friendly Sandwich in Magic Kingdom

The Triple Decker Club is made with Bloomfield Farms top 8 free bread which means… this is safe for Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Peanut, Treenut, Egg and Shellfish/Fish.

Wooza! It’s rare to find such a fun option that checks all the boxes AND tastes good. But here we are, enjoying life with a club on Main Street.

This Triple Decker Club is located at the Plaza Restaurant, which is right on the corner (ish) of Main Street USA. It has a clear view of the castle, making this a great location to view the festivities ( I still prefer this restaurant for parades though)

Reservations are decently easy to get too!

The price is 17 and that’s a great option considering I could split this with my husband if we’ve been snacking all day. It does come with a side, we opted for fries in a dedicated fryer.

Overall, I would get this sandwich multiple times, and it is one of my favorite entrees on property! For more recommended eateries and bucket list restaurants, explore the Disney World Food Allergy Touring Plans.

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