Review: Steakhouse 71 breakfast is a clear winner for the Magic Kingdom area (gluten, soy, dairy free + allergy friendly)

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There’s a new restaurant at the Contemporary and for breakfast, it’s a clear winner!

Steakhouse 71 was created to replace the now closed Wave Restaurant. It’s in the exact same location on the bottom floor of the Contemporary Hotel, and similarly sized.

With the remodel, it received a major glow up on both the menu and the ambience.

While my lunch experience there was rather lacking, I’m so happy to say that Allergy Friendly Breakfast is amazing and much needed addition to Disney World Resort!

Headed to Magic Kingdom after Breakfast? Learn all about the Magic Kingdom with Food Allergies.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Steakhouse 71 Allergy Friendly Breakfast Review-Disney World Contemporary Resort

Breakfast can be alittle hard to handle in the parks, and at some table service locations, so I wasn’t suprised when the Chef shared that soy lethicin is in much of what they offered… however we were able to find a truly delicious work around!

Gluten, dairy, soy, nut, sea free “Steakhouse 71 Feast”  

This is the modified “steakhouse 71 feast” and it is easily modified for allergies (Unlike ‘Walt’s hash’ which has lots of ingredients per the chef and is harder to modify, so we went with the Feast option instead!). 

Not pictured is fresh fruit, Udis muffins and kinnikinick donuts that are an additional upcharge and not served in a bread basket (there was no bread basket here… possibly a hint at what’s to come in the future with the conversations happening at Stock Holder Meetings)

The waffle and bread are both Bloomfield farms with are top 8 allergy friendly, and the waffle was NOT raw inside (a true phenomena! Maybe remedied by the long cook time) 

This does contain whole egg, but that could be easily subbed out for another option.

And yes, this breakfast was an absolute redeemer over the lack of options for multiple food allergies at lunch 🙌

My daughter had a true top 8 allergy friendly kids meal… it was bacon, apple slices and bloomfield waffles.

I’m not sure if I would prefer this feast meal over the Tonga Toast at Kona Cafe, but both are super close to Magic Kingdom on the Monorail Line and fantastic options for a Food Allergy Friendly Breakfast!

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