Review: New Steakhouse 71 Lunch has some ok Food Allergy Options

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Adding new restaurants and eateries is super fun… especially when they might have a new allergy friendly option.

But the reality is also that we need to be vigilant in those first few months as allergen procedures are learned, menus are modified, and ingredients are memorized!

So I was excited to finally head over to SteakHouse 71 at the Contemporary Resort after they had been opened and serving guests for a short time.

The main reason I was excited? Was for the ambiance and the old timey images. I just loved a good themed eatery and this one did not disappoint!

Allergy Friendly Options at SteakHouse 71

The Prime Rib Sandwich, SteakHouse Stack Burger, Turkey Club and Fish Sandwich can all be served on the Bloomfield Farms Top 8 Allergy Friendly Bread/Bun. Since these are sandwiches, they can be easily modified to remove ingredients for allergies!

There is also two different Steak platters (which I plan to get next time!) Plus a Dairy free/Egg free plant based Vegetable Wellington that is getting rave reviews online.

Peanut and Treenut Families will rejoice, as much of the menu is free from nuts without modification (included SEVERAL desserts !) Very happy to see this at more of the newer restaurants as they move away from throwing nuts onto every dish.

My Gluten Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free (also Nut free & Egg free) Meal at SteakHouse 71.

When speaking with the chef, I told him I needed to have a Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free meal. He said that Soy would be an issue, and limited me from most of the menu (including all of the desserts).

I was able to order a Burger with the Bloomfield Bun top 8 friendly option. It came with Onions (as the toppings all contained soy). And then Waffle Fries that were baked in the oven (Chef said it was not a dedicated fryer, other bloggers have reported otherwise- check when you get there)

Overall I was very Underwhelmed. This burger was almost identical to the one at D-Luxe Burger in Disney Springs and didn’t contain any toppings.

Next time I go, I’ll grab one of the Steak Options.

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