REVIEW: New Boardwalk Deli Quick Serve Allergy Offerings

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It’s opening day for Boardwalk Deli! This is the same location as the previous Boardwalk Bakery, which closed and did a slight rebrand with the restaurant and major menu overhaul.

I came in expecting a lot of options and didn’t quite find what I was looking for, however, this is good in a pinch for many options. While I had high hopes, I wasn’t turned away empty and that’s always a good thing!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

House Made Allergy Bread?

The Allergy Bread offered is Udi’s Sandwich bread, and it is not house made. They do serve it thawed.

There is no dedicated gluten free oven, and there is no allergy oven. All orders are placed in a shared oven or can be pan seared.

There are no gluten free bagels. And the bagels they do have are house made. These are free from soy.

The House Made Bread is made in house with wheat.

The Focaccia is made only with wheat (no other top allergens) Same with the Spinach Wrap (only wheat) and the Croutons (only wheat).

Allergens Present and Absent

House Made Chips are in a dedicated fryer. They are salt and vinegar flavor. The vinegar used is strictly ‘vinegar’ no malt or flavorings.

We do have Follow Your Heart PepperJack Cheese as the Dairy free and Plant Based Option.

The Soppressata meat on the Italian Sandwich is labeled Gluten Free.

I shared on my speculation post why they didnt have more egg free options, and it’s because the mayo has egg in it. Many of the sandwiches can be made egg free!

No Peanut Ingredients Listed on the Allergy Guide, Making this a Peanut free bakery. Treenut present in several items, including the display case.

Currently the everything bagel does not list Sesame, but the Grilled Cheese does. I think that’s a typo.

There is Fish on Property (smoked salmon and also caesar dressing)

Allergy Pastry Items

The allergy friendly muffins that the Boardwalk Bakery had, are now at the Boardwalk Deli!

These are made in house using allergy procedures and then frozen. Flavors available are Chocolate Chip, Blueberry Muffin and Vanilla. I love these and so glad they brought them back!

These are made without the Top 8 allergens and Gluten Friendly.

My Allergy Review

So obviously, things are always weird on opening day. I recommend that people skip opening day/opening month really as things are figured out. I’ve already found three discrepancies and it’s likely there’s more.

That said, I talked to a Chef and a Manager to figure out what I could have. The Udi’s Allergy bread is thawed, and there is no way to toast it. They did offer to wrap the sandwich in parchment paper and place in the shared oven (it’s like a turbo chef) and I declined. They have some allergy ingredients but not all. If you plan to come, pack your patience!

So I settled on a Roasted Chicken Sandwich, sub the bread and hold the aoili. It was… like chicken on crumbly bread. Basically my own salad.

The real winner of the show was the muffin, something that I had before the bakery closed and rebranded as the Deli.

Lastly, the HouseMade Chips. These give ZERO indication that they are salt and vinegar flavored and I panicked after that first bite. Most of you know the panic of ‘did I just consume an allergen’ as most salt and vinegar chips have either malt or natural flavoring. Thankfully these had neither!

Overall, it’s an OK little place, but there are plenty of other options. For severe allergies, take the boat over to Yacht Club and order from the quick serve there (which is actually prepared in the Table Service Kitchen).


Based on the pre-released allergy menus, were you expecting more? Less? It feels very much like the Connections Eatery release earlier this year, when we were promised gluten free bao buns and ended up with burgers.

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