Review: New 50th Celebration Sparkling Sunshine is a dessert winner (gf, sf, ef, pf- contains dairy)

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We are loving finding all of the fun treats for the 50th Celebration at Disney World, and we’ve just gotten started. You can follow along with our updates on the main page… Disney’s 50th Allergy Friendly Treats and Sweets

Today we’re over at the Magic Kingdom checking out another new treat with the 50th logo. You can find these on the menus with a cute EARidiscent castle, or check on the mobile app for those items with a 50th celebration label.

Over at Sunshine Terrace in AdventureLand in Magic Kingdom we have a fun option.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

This is the 50th anniversary treat at Sunshine Terrace- the Sparking Sunshine. It is 6.99. And it is made with a Sparkling Apple Cider with Orange Cream Soft Serve rimmed with Earidescent Sugar. 

Husband said it tasted like an orange dreamcickle float… and it was very photogenic! My aunt (another taste taster I brought along!) said it was one of her favorite items of the whole trip.

Speaking with the Cast Members, I was told that you can not modify the order or substitute items for allergies. This is per the manager and you will find that some places allow substitutions and some places do not.

Personally I think simply substitutions for allergies should be common place, but the Manager likely doesn’t have to deal with the struggle (and I hope, besides a dose of empathy, never has to have life threatening allergies to deal with!) It’s a bummer that this can’t be made with the Strawberry Dole Whip to make it top allergen friendly.

When made as is, there are No nuts. No gluten. No egg. No soy. Yes dairy. This facility also has treenuts.

As for me, I’ll hop on the monorail and head over to the Polynesian for a modified 50th celebration Lime Dole Whip that is free from common allergens.

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