Review: Hollywood and Vine Minnie’s Springtime Allergy Options for lunch and dinner

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Easily the most contested character meal online in the food allergy community, I’m happy to share that I vini, vidi, vici’d, and lived to tell the tale!

This was the themed offering for the spring time, which changes yearly and is part of what makes this character meal ‘worth it’. I came for the lunch/dinner portion (breakfast is a seperate affair with disney junior characters!)

Plus the Hollywood and Vine Disney Jr. Character Breakfast! This is a fun first meal of the day, with an AUCE buffet! See the Allergy Menu and Review for the Disney Jr Breakfast.

Let’s talk all about the offerings, the modifications, the characters and where this falls on my recommendation scale for character meals with food allergies!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Quick Notes 

Location: Hollywood Studios (located by 50’s Prime Time)

Price: currently 55 per adult and 36 per child plus tax and gratuity

Characters: Minnie, Mickey, Pluto and Goofy

Missing Donald and Daisy Duck? Head over to Topolinos, Chef Mickey’s or Tusker House!

Food Allergy Menu 

  • Appetizers

The Appetizers offered here are a Salad (which you can modify) and then rolls. The regular rolls are good for peanut, treenut, fish and shellfish. I asked for the top 8 friendly/gluten free rolls for our table (they also had dairy free butter)

I also got olive oil and vinegar as my dressing (since most dressings are made on shared lines/ dont have all the allergen details available)

  • Entrees

This was previously a buffet but is now just one entree plus a dessert! I opted for the seared fresh Salmon (the only fish on property, and they also serve shellfish). The allergens listed for this are Dairy, Fish and Shellfish. It can easily be made dairy free (note there is a mustard sauce. I had mine on the side)

Other options included Turkey, Beef Tenderloin and Pork Loin which can be modified for most allergens (it doesnt show that on the menu, because of the sides. Talk to a Chef to see what each side contains and do a mix and match option)

  • For the dessert…

And dessert (for me) was creme brulee! This only contained dairy. It is free from the other top 9 allergens (including gluten and sesame)

There was no top 8 dessert option, besides a lemon sorbet which does contain cross contact with several allergens (and fruit). I would skip this if you are looking for a dessert and don’t see one listed for your needs (might I recommend garden grill for dessert instead!)

Notable items include the Spice Cherry Cake for Egg, Fish, Shellfish, Milk and Peanut Allergies (contains wheat, coconut, and soy)

Would you enjoy this option? And Do I Recommend it?

I think most people would enjoy it… but it is simply not the best option when you consider the time constraints, the offerings, the characters on a year round basis.

I WILL say this is worth it at Halloween and Christmas time, especially if you have younger children who wouldn’t be able to stay awake during the holiday parties!

Final Summary 

I’ll be back at Halloween to try it out again (the last time was 2019)! Until then, it’s a solid option, but it’s not at the top of my recommendation list. To see the full list head over to this page with character meal reviews for food allergies!

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