Review: Bread Service at Sana’a should be on your allergy friendly bucket list!

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Hop over to the Animal Kingdom lodge with me as we explore the Bread Service Options at Sana’a.

These allergy friendly naan are served family style with nine accompaniments (depending on your allergens) and the perfect treat to share with the family.

We went with my regular foodie families, and they even enjoyed the Allergy Friendly Naan (with a lesson on the side about cross contact!)

Sana’a Allergy Friendly Naan is dairy, gluten, soy, egg, fish, shellfish, peanut free

The Naan is made by Cup4Cup, using their ancient grains blend. For 19 dollars you get 5 breads with 9 dips (called accompaniments- these vary in allergy friendly-ness).

None of the accompaniments have gluten, but several have dairy and several have soy, and several have nuts. You can chat with the Chef to see which items are best for you (or in the case of my kids, they had their naan with soup instead!).

Sana’a also offers some other great allergy options, but after eating all of that bread with a few of the other appetizers, we were stuffed! The Chicken Soup (featured on the kid’s menu) is top allergy friendly and what we got for the kids. My regular foodie family enjoyed the tomato soup!

A note about Sana’a

If you have a vehicle, drive to Animal Kingdom Lodge! If you are staying on property, you’ll need to catch transportation to another park/disney springs, and then catch a bus from there to Animal Kingdom Lodge (or do a ride share option). This is a great option if you are at Animal Kingdom for the day (and I recommend the gluten free churros if you’re there!)

Reservations are decently easy to get…

And the best part? You can see a small safari from your table!

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