REVIEW: Be Our Guest Lunch and Dinner- Gluten Free/Allergy Friendly Options

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Be Our Guest… literally!

Come over to this beautifully themed restaurant for an enchanting dinner in one of three special rooms, the Main Ballroom, the Drawing Room with music box, or the Enchanted Rose Room.

There you’ll enjoy a three course Lunch or Dinner, with some sights of the Beast!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Quick Notes 

Location: Be Our Guest Restaurant is located in FantasyLand (specifically, ‘new fantastyland’) It is *very* easy to walk past, so pull it up on your My Disney Experience App or ask a cast member to make sure you are headed the right direction.

Price  Over 60 per adult and over 35 per child (not including tip)

Characters include The Beast (and only him)

Food Allergy Menu 


When we went, they were out of the goblets. But I was told the Lemonade in a Signature Goblet was housemade and free of common allergens.


They had the Bloomfield Farms rolls available with regular butter and dairy free/soy free butter.

We also order appetizers as part of our Prix Fixe Meal.
I got the French Onion Soup which lists Dairy, Egg, and Corn as Allergens.

The Lobster bisque lists dairy and shellfish. 

The kids entree we chose was the HousemadePeach applesauce with no allergens listed.


I order the Filet Mignon and had it customized, I was told by the Chef that this was one of the easiest options to customize for any of the allergens.

The Chef also suggested the chicken, which is what we grabbed as the childs portion. It was served with Sweet Potatoe wedges that were just barely cooked and my daughter did not enjoy them.

Here are some of the options available. I spoke with the Chef and there was some play in the menu options.


Desserts were limited and the Chef came out three times to share info on the desserts.

Gluten free grey stuff allergens listed are dairy, soy and corn. 
Strawberry truffle allergens listed are dairy and treenut and soy lethicin

Macaroons allergens listed are egg and treenut. We chose this option, and they were able to add colored sugar (has artificial dyes) as we weren’t able to get the ‘chip’ cup to paint.

Chocolate truffle allergens listed are dairy and treenut and soy lethicin

Raspberry Sorbet no allergens listed , which has a cross contamination risk with several allergens.

Fruit was the only true top allergen friendly option.

Would you enjoy this option? And Do I Recommend it?

You would enjoy this if:

  • You like a themed restaurant
  • You are a fan of french cuisine
  • You are ok with limited character interaction
  • Your party enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast movie

This is a very beautifully themed restaurant and I absolutely wish more places had this level of detail… but the lack of character interactions is sad. I so wish that Belle could be present here and it really takes away from the ambiance that we only have the beast. I still recommend this option, just understand the limitations.

Final Summary 

Overall, I’ll be back here, as the theming is nice, and the menu is workable for many allergens. It does have it’s limitations and there are some things I would change (namely dessert and adding Belle to the lineup).

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