5 legit reasons to baby wear at Disney World

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Going to Disney World is such a fun experience! This is especially true for the kids and the kids at heart. Going to Disney World with your family, even the littlest ones is a worthwhile adventure and baby wearing the young kids is the easiest way to tackle the parks.


We’re going to cover 5 legit reasons Parents and Caregivers will want to Baby wear at Disney World.

Plus, we’ll talk about some recommendations and tips for making the most of your Disney trip.

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1. Look Ma, No Hands

Baby carriers allow for one BIG thing. And that’s being hands free.

Disney World is full of so many adventures, from yummy foods to cool shops and lots of attractions. It’s more fun when you are able to use your hands and participate. And trust me, you will want to have your hands free!

Plus, using your hands allows for taking care of other family members, being able to take lots of magical pictures and you can hold all the fun snacks you find in the parks.


2. Transportation from the resorts and the parks is suddenly a lot easier

Some of the transportation options require you to fold up the baby stroller. And that is a total pain in the neck! Especially when you have to pull baby out of the stroller, store everything that is loose and manage to get loaded up.

The good news, is that baby wearing takes the headache out of some of the transportation issues. If you are just running to the park for a few hours, you might not even need your stroller, which makes it even easier to get to the parks.

3. Babywearing saves your back and arms

Not only while a properly fitted carrier NOT hurt your back, it will in fact save your back!

Holding a baby, and bending to get the kids in and out of the stroller wrecks havoc on your back. Throw in lots of walking and you are in for one sore trip!


But a baby carrier can help with the pain you might feel if you had to rock your baby to sleep in your arms for 45 minutes- because rocking baby to sleep in a carrier is a pain free experience. Even if it takes an hour and you are walking around the park!

You will be ditching the stroller more often than not. Strollers are too big for most stores to fit comfortably, you don’t bring strollers on rides or attractions. So baby carriers are great for the “in between” stages and will save your arms and back from getting super tired as you carry baby everywhere.

4. Happy Baby, Happy Parents, and yes Happy Toddler

Some babies just like being held.

Wether you have a stage 5 clinger, or an easy going kid, baby wearing is great when you are on vacation and your child suddenly needs to be held for 2 hours.

Putting baby or toddler in the carrier is a great way to ease any scared or upset feelings they might have while allowing the family to continue their vacation.

Yep, I said toddler. Many Carriers go up to 40-50 pounds, and you can get carriers for bigger children too. It makes the world of difference if you have a child that has ASD and will allow you to carry them.

Our toddler still likes to be carried, but only at Disney World. After walking around the parks, being in and out of the stroller, and the sun- he is ready to be carried and take a break!


5. Goes where no stroller goes

Yes, folks, it’s true.

Disney World is all about corralling your strollers into the stroller sections that are placed around the park. These sections are large and often times, a good walk from your desired location.

Plus, strollers don’t get a front row seat at the restaurants. Even the quick service where you *could* bring in a stroller, you most likely can’t because of the lack of space.

And like we talked about above- strollers are to be folded up for transportation. Leaving you with two options. Hold the baby or wear the baby in a carrier.

Don’t even get me started about the rides for the lines. It doesn’t matter if you are going in with a Fastpass and have a 15 minute wait or you are planning to wait longer. No strollers allowed!

So one of the main benefits to Baby wearing at Disney, is that in the 50% of places that a stroller can’t go, a baby carrier CAN.

From needing to get a bite to eat during nap time, to keeping your little one corralled in the lines for the rides- baby carriers go where no stroller is allowed!

The exception to this is a medically necessary stroller- but that isn’t something that most parents have, so baby wearing to the rescue!

Do you Plan to Baby Wear at Disney World?

I am a SUPER huge fan of soft structured baby carriers and I see them all. the. time. at Disney World because they are such easy carriers to use on vacation.

Do you plan to baby wear at Disney World? If so, I definitely recommend a soft structured carrier, and if you can get a mesh one, which allows for airflow to keep caregiver and baby cool, then get that one! Florida is hot 9 months out of the year!

You can check out all the options for baby carriers on Amazon!

mostly made of mesh for keeping everyone cool!
Cool Mesh Panel


Overall, Baby wearing is great for Disney World! If you want more info, check out this post about the Advantages and Disadvantages of Babywearing at Disney.

Let me know if you have any questions or you can share some tips in the comments below!

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    • There are a lot of debbie downers on the internet, but I can assure you that when I go to Disney World (several times a month) there are SO many people with babies! Seriously! And now that the weather is cooler, it really is the perfect time to bring baby to Disney World. Get lots of pictures, they’ll be worth it! Enjoy


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