Rainy Disney World Vacation: What to pack and what to wear

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While Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it isn’t always sunny here. In fact, we get 60% of our rain in just a few short months.

Planning for your Disney World Vacation takes forever, but the week before you trip you check the weather.

Rain? For all or part of your trip? It sounds awful, but truly, there is a lot you can do to prepare for a Rainy Walt Disney World Vacation.

For Starters, we’ll talk about what you should bring with you (or purchase while you are there!) for making your trip a success.

The other thing’s you’ll need to know include this list of top things to do at Disney World in the rain, and this super helpful Magic Kingdom Rainy Day Itinerary.

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What to Pack for a Rainy Disney World Vacation?

Since Disney World doesn’t have the best Rainy Day Guarantee, it looks like you’ll need to head to the parks in the wetter weather to get the most of your tickets!

Ponchos: Most people reach for the disposable ponchos, and we’ve got a few spares in our car! What we really enjoy are these thicker ponchos as they tend to last a few more days than average and lead to less waste.

Rain Coat: For the kids, or those who really need to stay dry, a rain coat is highly recommended. While we typically don’t bring these into the parks, if we know it will rain all day, we always grab a rain coat!

Stroller/ECV Cover: For those of you with little children, or for those of you with a mobility device, definitely bring a cover! They have specialty ones that fit like a glove, or you can improvise with a few ponchos strategically tied together. Disney World does sell stroller covers, but they are a bit clunky- better to purchase ahead of time so you have one that fits perfectly!

Proper Shoes: As a floridian, I’m either wearing sandals with straps OR rain boots. The reason? I can wipe my sandals off after the rain (or take them off if it gets really deep!) and then they dry much quicker than a paid of sneakers! Rain boots are obviously a no brainer, and the kids either wear rain boots or croc like shoes when it rains.

In Room Entertainment: Since your planning on a rainy trip, make sure you have some options for entertainment in your room where it is nice and dry! Disney does have a TV but it is severely lacking in great things to watch ( I wish they would hook Disney + up to the rooms!) and especially lacking in things to do for the under 13 crowd! Items like cards, ipads, and coloring books will go a long way in the rain!

Waterproof Baggies: A no brainer, but one we forget all the time! We typically leave these water resistant bags in our car, and they have been so handy! But if you know it’s going to be a real rainy time, grab some waterproof baggies to store your dry clothes OR your wet clothes so they don’t soak everything else.

Towels or Paper Towels: Again, seems like common sense, but these are so hard to come by when you are in the parks! Towels are great for drying things off, and while Disney does have towels for sale, they are not absorbent since they haven’t been washed first. Grab some towels from your room, or pack some paper towels so you can dry off once you’ve found dry land!

All of the normal stuff! You can browse this guide for packing tips for Disney World, but in a nutshell, you should bring stuff for a regular vacation too! Disney weather is unpredictable, and you’re bad weather report might actually get better once you get here!

Raining at Disney World

What Should I wear to Disney World when it rains?

Typically, it will rain for a few hours at Disney World.

During this rainy time, if you venture outside, you will absolutely get wet. There are puddles everywhere, it literally rains sideways, and overhead rain ceilings are in short supply!

Knowing that you will get wet, we recommend you wear and bring inside the parks:

A lightweight cotton or polyester tshirt (and bring a spare!)

Quick drying shorts or pants (examples like light canvas, rayon or polyester).

A Hat, or something to the rain out of your hair and face

Extra Face Masks

Shoes to keep your feet dry OR an extra pair to change into once the first pair are soaked.

What you likely shouldn’t wear when it rains at Disney World:

Jeans- these take forever to dry

Thin leggings- could be a recipe for embarrassment

Shoes without straps or with raised heels- like non secure flip flops- as you might slip and fall

What to Bring and Pack for a Rainy Day Disney World Overview

Bring lightweight clothing that dries easily, plus rain covers like ponchos, coats and covers for strollers and ECVs.

Plan for it to rain for all or part of your vacation, and remember towels, baggies and being flexible so you can stay dry!

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