Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom (Closed Rides, Itinerary Ideas+ Tips to enjoy your day!)

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Rain clouds are a common site in Central Florida. And by common, I mean that March- November you are likely to see some rain clouds every day!

While it normally only rains for 20-30 minutes at a time, there are days when it seems to go on for hours and hours and hours!

Sure, you can wait it out, but you’ve paid so much for this vacation! Let’s look at how you can still enjoy Magic Kingdom in the rain weather, and what it will mean for your trip.

Is it raining a lot on your vacation? You’ll need to know about Disney World’s rainy day guarantee, and the top 9 things to do on a Rainy Disney World Vacation.

What happens when it rains at Magic Kingdom?

Turns out, there’s still a LOT to do at Magic Kingdom when it rains! Some of our favorite things to do on rainy days is to grab a coffee, throw on a poncho and check out the shops and the shows!

You’ll also still get a parade- though it will be shorter! Called the Rainy Day Cavalcade, you can be singing in the rain with your favorite characters! This rainy day Cavalcade *does* have a special holiday spin if you are at one of the parties, or special holiday daytime parade.

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What rides close at Magic Kingdom when it rains?

Since it normally doesn’t rain all day, you’ll see closures happening intermittently. If you are in line for a ride, they will make an announcement about possible closure, inclement weather, or that it has been temporarily delayed.

I highly recommend you wear the right clothes for a rainy day vacation, as that will allow you to stay at the parks longer than if you weren’t prepared.

Here’s all the rides that close when it rains:

The Roller Coasters include Big Thunder Mountain, Seven Dwarves Mine Train and Splash Mountain.

Then in Tomorrowland The Astro Orbiter and TomorrowLand Speedway.

Family Friendly rides include Dumbo, Barnstormer and Magic Carpets of Aladdin plus Jungle Cruise, the Liberty Belle Riverboat (sometimes open in very light rain) and Swiss Family Treehouse!

Check out this map below of closed rides. All of the rides/attractions that have the star, have been closed due to the weather.

Tips for a Magical Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom

  • Rainy Days mean cancellations, so try to score that hard to get reservation! Normally cast members come out with time sheets to sign you up! This is a great time to score Be our Guest or Cinderella’s Royal Table.
  • Plan indoor shows over indoor rides. If there is a lightning storm, it’s possible that some of these rides may loose power (like what happened over at epcot)
  • Bring a poncho, or other rain gear! It’s hard to use umbrellas at Magic Kingdom because of all the people, but ponchos are easy to don and navigate the crowds with.
  • Meet Characters! Pete’s silly slideshow has 4 characters and it’s indoor waiting, as well as the Town Theater, and Princess Fairy Tale Hall!
  • Check the weather on your phone- ‘Bay Lake, Florida, and ‘Lake Buena Vista, Florida’ will provide excellent rainy day updates for all of Disney World!
  • If you have the room, either bring an extra pair of shoes, or an extra outfit! There are SEVERAL areas in Magic Kingdom where the water can get up to a foot deep- like over by the Merida meet and greet by Cosmic Rays, and Frontierland.

Magic Kingdom Rainy Day Itinerary

We’ll cover two itineraries. A half rainy day, and a day where it rains the entire day! This is because, the weather is so unpredictable. It’s very common to have beautiful clear weather in the morning, and then deep thunderclouds in the afternoon!

It’s also possible to have a day where the rain seems to never end. We do enjoy going on these days since a lot of people cancel, and there’s still a number of fun things to do at Magic Kingdom!

Half Dry/Half Rainy Day Magic Kingdom Itinerary

When I say Half Day- I mean a full day at Magic Kingdom, but where it rains half of the day. Most of these times it’s a pleasant weather morning, and then a rainy afternoon and evening.

8 am- Rope Drop either Seven Dwarves Mine Train or Big Thunder Mountain (Jungle Cruise is huge too!)

830- Catch a ride on Tomorrow Land Speedway or the Barnstormer

9- Head over to Space Mountain

945- Astro Orbiter or Buzz Lightyear (buzz will be open later- Astro wont!)

1030- Jungle Cruise

1115- Splash Mountain

Lunch- at Peco Bills or Columbia Harbour House or Skipper Canteen

After lunch it starts to rain!

1230- Pirates of the Caribbean

1:15- Grab Starbucks and head over to Mickey’s Philharmagic

1:35- 3 – Ride Winnie the Pooh , Peter Pan , and It’s a Small World (go whereever the line is shortest!)

3- 4 Haunted Mansion and The Hall of Presidents

4:30 sit down meal at Liberty Tree Tavern or The Crystal Palace

5:30 if rain has ended, spend the time catching up on the reopened rides (typically these wait times are very short! as most people leave when it rains)

5:30 if it’s still raining, browse the shops on Main Street, get Ice Cream, Meet Characters at the three indoor locations (Town Theater, Princess Hall, Pete’s Silly Slideshow)

Rain from Morning to Afternoon at The Magic Kingdom Itinerary

8 am rope drop Pirates of the Caribbean

830-10 – Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh and It’s a Small World

10:15- Mad Tea Party

10:30- Mickey’s Philharmagic

11- Carousel of Progress

11:30- Find a Cast Member to score a Hard to get reservation for lunch or dinner.

11:30- Lunch at The Crystal Palace, Jungle Skipper Canteen, Or Tony’s Town Square Restaurant

1:15- Grab Starbucks and browse the shops after lunch

1:35- 3 – The Little Mermaid Ride, Ariel Meet and Greet, and Enchanted Tales with Belle

3- 4 Haunted Mansion and The Hall of Presidents

4:30 sit down meal

5:30 if rain has ended, spend the time catching up on the reopened rides (typically these wait times are very short! as most people leave when it rains)

5:30 If the rain hasn’t ended, Space Mountain, Buzz Lightyear, and Character Meet and Greets

Should you get Genie+ at Magic Kingdom when it rains?

The blank answer is that Genie+ is only valuable when most of the rides are running. If it’s a true rainy day, then I can’t recommend much value from Genie+.

If it is going to rain half the day, then Genie+ is a good idea! you can go on the dry half of the day, use Genie+ to hit some big ticket items, and then head back to the resort or another park for the rainy portion of the day!

Wrapping up a Rainy Day at Magic Kingdom

Be flexible- prepare for lower crowds and higher wait times- score a hard to get reservation- and enjoy your variation of magic at Magic Kingdom!

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