List of Quick Service Restaurants with Food Allergy Menus at Disney World

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A few years ago Disney World rolled out Allergy Menus. These menus have options for the Top 8 allergies and can be found at many locations around Disney World Parks and Resorts.

The Top 9 allergens as recognized by Disney are: Wheat/Gluten (listed together, ask in person for specifics!), Dairy/Milk, Soy (typically soy protein, sometimes leaves out lecithin and oil from menus), Egg, Peanut/Treenut (listed together, ask in person for specifics!), Fish/Shellfish (listed together, ask in person for specifics!). As of 2023, they are adding Sesame to new menus and menu updates.

Do all of the Restaurants at Disney World have an Allergy Menu?

No, only some of the locations have an Allergy Menu. These depend on the location’s ability to provide Allergy Friendly Food and Accommodations. Disney World’s four Main Theme Parks each have more than two Quick Service and two Table Service locations with an Allergy Menu.

Below are the places that have an allergy menu inside the Disney World Theme Parks (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios). Need a quick reference? Here’s the top places to eat at Disney World if you have Food Allergies.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide , If you’ve been here before and just need the best places to eat and snacks, see the Snack Guide. Just Gluten Free? There’s a guide for that too!

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Where can you find the Allergy Menus at these Quick Service locations?

There’s two ways to get the Allergy Menus at Disney World Quick Service Locations.

The First one, in Person, Simply ask a cast member (we like to ask before we get in line so we have time to check it over and make sure we want to eat there!) and then talk to a chef if you need clarification (because Disney does NOT list the cross-contamination risks or if they are using shared fryers unless you speak with a chef)

Then, just make sure that when you order your food that you list that you have an allergy. Generally, the food will come out with an allergy skewer and you’ll find that it normally comes out on a green tray! Below, in the blue, you’ll find reviews and menus of place that I’ve documented (though I’ve eaten at all of them before- I wasn’t always blogging my food!)

The Second Way is online through the Desktop Disney Website or the MyDisneyExperience App. You can see options through the menu, or through mobile ordering.

You might think with all the fuss about allergy menus that you HAVE to have one… but they are optional. There’s many places, including the resorts, where you have lots of items to choose from and there’s no set menu.

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    What do the Allergy Menus look like?

    Most of the Allergy Menus are Separated by Allergen, but some of the newer ones include all of the Allergens under the Entree. Allergy Menus will look different at the Quick Serve (fast food style) versus the Table Service (sit down style).

    Example of a Quick Service Menu:

    Example of a Table Service Menu:

    Best Places to go

    While all of the locations below have menus, it is easier to use this set of Done For You Touring Plans with the best places to go (broken down by Allergen and Recommendations)

    Allergy Friendly Quick Service locations at Disney’s Animal Kingdom 🐘


    Flame Tree BBQ


    Satu’li Canteen

    Harambe Market

    Allergy Friendly Quick Service locations Magic Kingdom 🏰

    Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

    Peco Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

    Columbia Harbor House (guests with shellfish/fish allergies not advised)

    The Pinocchio Village Haus

    Allergy Friendly Quick Service locations Hollywood Studios πŸŽ₯

    Backlot Express

    ABC commissary

    Docking Bay 7

    Rosie’s All American

    Allergy Friendly Quick Service locations Epcot 🌎

    Sunshine Season’s (only for lunch)

    Regal Eagle

    Connections Cafe

    There are a lot of great Allergy Finds at Disney World!

    While lots of yummy eats are on the Allergy Menus, lots of items are considered Secret Menu.

    Everyone should eat well on vacation! Learn more common questions and concerns in the Food Allergy FAQ or the Gluten Free Disney FAQ.

    Plus the latest Disney News when it comes to Food Restrictions, eats, and offerings. Connect with the MouseEarMemory Gluten Free and Allergy Community at the socials listed below or @Mouse.Ear.Memories

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