A List of Quick Service Restaurants that have Food Allergy Menus at Disney World

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It’s really cool that Disney World can accommodate so many guests with various dietary needs, including multiple food allergies.

For those in the top 7 (Disney normally leaves off corn), you can find premade allergy menus at many of the quick service restaurants around the Disney World parks.

Below are the places that have an allergy menu. Need a quick reference? Here’s the top places to eat at Disney World if you have Food Allergies.

Simply ask a cast member (we like to ask before we get in line so we have time to check it over and make sure we want to eat there!) and then talk to a chef if you need clarification (because Disney does NOT list the cross-contamination risks or if they are using shared fryers unless you speak with a chef)

Then, just make sure that when you order your food that you list that you have an allergy. Generally, the food will come out with an allergy skewer and you’ll find that it normally comes out on a green tray! Below, in the blue, you’ll find reviews and menus of place that I’ve documented (though I’ve eaten at all of them before- I wasn’t always blogging my food!)

But wait… Do I need an allergy Menu?

You might think with all the fuss about allergy menus that you HAVE to have one… but they are optional. There’s many places, including the resorts, where you have lots of items to choose from and there’s no set menu.

So don’t by shy (depending on your comfort level) from trying some of these other places not listed. You might be surprised by what you find (and that’s both good and bad LOL!!!)

Disney’s Animal Kingdom 🐘


Flame Tree BBQ


Satuli Canteen

Magic Kingdom 🏰

Be our Guest (breakfast and lunch)

Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe

Peco Bill Tall Tale Inn and Cafe

Columbia Harbor House (guests with shellfish/fish allergies not advised)

The Pinocchio Village Haus

Casey’s Corner (no longer has one!)

Hollywood Studios 🎥

Backlot Express

ABC commissary

Docking Bay 7

Epcot 🌎

Sunshine Season’s

Electric Umbrella *will likely close soon

Water Parks 🌊

Leaning Palms Typhoon Lagoon

The Lodge Blizzard Beach

Do you know of any other quick service restaurants in Disney World that offer food allergy menus that aren’t on this list? Leave them in the comments!

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