Primo Piatto at Riveria Resort Food Allergy Menu

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Enjoy a yummy bite to eat at Disney World’s newest DVC resort, Riveria Resort!

This resort is so subtle with it’s Disney theming- but really beautiful in it’s delivery of the French Culture. You can go outside onto the lawn and play with gigantic chess pieces, grab a bite to eat at the bar, or enjoy character dining at Topolinos Terrace.

The best part is that it’s on the skyliner route, which makes it SO easy to get to Epcot and Hollywood Studios. While I wasn’t a fan of the Skyliners the first time I rode them (because #anxiety) I’ve become more comfortable and can’t help but enjoy how quick they are to get me where I need to go!

Oh and the murals! You’ve got to check these out. Pictures don’t do it justice (I know mine are not professional, but even those don’t capture how large and colorful these are!!!)

So let’s talk allergy-friendly food!

We didn’t get any food this time- it was late at night and they had trouble ‘finding a chef’ so we decided to try again later- sorry I don’t have a review of the food for you! Next time we pop in there I’ll get some eats and get them uploaded.

I was extremely impressed with the service that we received for breakfast at Topolinos Terrace and would highly recommend them if you want a fun Character Meal!

Good news though- Katie, aka FairyTaleFoodie , says her gluten-free sandwich was delicious! Her pictures are always the best!

Here’s some of the options that they have premade

Food Allergy Menus

The menu is an ‘all day’ menu.

Here’s the first side!

Here’s the second side!

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