Using Priceline Express Deals (to save a boatload on your Disney World Resort)

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There is a rumor floating around online, in facebook groups and forums, about getting Disney World Resorts for less than the list cost .

We know this can be accomplished through a variety of means, like Annual Passholder Discounts and BounceBack offers- but there’s another way!

Priceline Express Deals.

So here’s the scoop.

You go to, Select your areas and then hit express deals.

They then give you ‘deals’ with certain percentages off based on availability and what resorts they need to fill up. It’s a kinda fun, kinda stressful way to grab a resort at a lower cost especially if you are doing it last minute.

Since we are looking for something for tonight, and we didn’t have any preferences based on location, it was time to experiment.

I was aiming for a few resorts.

I wanted to stay at either Art of Animation, Pop Century or the Swan/Dolphin on the Boardwalk. I’ve heard the Port Orleans is listed on the priceline express deals, but I haven’t seen it yet. I’ve also heard that some of the values are listed and occasionally some of the deluxe resorts. But you never know!

We really like the Pop/Art set up because of the awesome Gluten Free offerings, and the options for our family. But I would have loved to stay at a deluxe resort! I was looking to keep it under 200/150, but I would be reallyyyyy happy to keep it under 100 total (including taxes and fees!)

So here’s what I did.

Picking a Disney World Resort when you can’t tell what the name of the resort is

The reason that Priceline express deals are discounted is that they dont reveal the name of the hotel until AFTER you purchase (and their are no returns or cancellations)

While this sounds kind of risky (because it is!) we can use the process of elimination and a few helpful tools if we want to snag a good Disney Deal!

Here’s some of the criteria to keep in mind

If you click through and there is an additional resort fee- it’s not a Disney owned Hotel

If it says, “Guests under 17 are free” – it’s not a Disney owned hotel

You can use the map to select an area. I choose to select the areas of ‘Bonnet Creek’ and ‘Epcot’ but there are several other Disney World areas to choose from.

Spa/fitness center may or may not be a giveaway- this is common in moderate and deluxe resorts, but also common in hotels not owned by Disney World.

Is this a better deal than renting DVC points?

Renting DVC points has been on my list for a long time, and I’m going to officially do it in the next few months. Since I’ve been watching the prices on points (and havent purchased yet) I will say this.

If you want the cheapest last minute route- Express Deals are likely the best solution.

If you have time to plan, want to be at Disney World for more than a few days and want to know exactly what you are getting, renting DVC points is the best option.

What about the BounceBack offer

This is entirely dependent on what they are offering. You get a bounceback offer when you are staying at the resort and plan your next trip. Express Deals tend to be better the closer you are to your vacation.

Here’s how I got my resort at Pop Century

I’ve been eyeballing this method for MONTHs! I always have the tab open, but I was too afraid to take the leap.

Until today.

We needed a quick jaunt over to Disney World and I wanted to stay the night.

It was time to put our Priceline express deals to the test.

I made my selections and I found this listing.

I clicked through- there was NO additional charge.

So I figured, based on the map it was likely Pop, Art, or one of the All Star Resorts.

Hotel Canary (a Chrome Plugin Extension) also gave me those suggestions as likely matches.

I reallyyyyy wanted to get swan or dolphin on the boardwalk- but I was scared it was going to be the Waldorf Astoria, so I opted for this one instead.

Clicked purchase.

Held my breath.


I got POP!

Fun right!

My total, including Taxes and Fees was 92.97


Which is REALLY awesome considering that the current going price is around 150.

So I was able to score this listing for almost half off if you factor in the taxes and fees.

Here’s what would have been my price if I had purchased it directly from Disney for tonight.

Will I use Priceline Express Deals Again?

That’s the million dollar question… is it worth it?

I’d like to think so!

Still feeling alittle high over the fact I got POP for 92 dollars 🤪

I’m going to be trying it out again in a month or so-this time I’m going to really try for the Swan or Dolphin. I’ll let you know how it goes!

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