Pressed Pennies at Disney World-new rules for 2020 (Photos and Tips)

Pressed Pennies are one of those classic things that people just go ape over.

And I can’t blame them, I had hundreds of them growing up, and I saved every penny I ever got in case it would be shiny enough to be squished into a cool design.

I mean, what did parents do before pressing pennies? It’s the most creative thing. It’s low cost, and it keeps the kids totally entertained (though, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t like doing it, because as an adult, it’s still my jam)

SO- I’m here to tell you THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

I repeat- it’s a new pressed penny world out there!!!!

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Pressed Pennies at Disney World are what exactly?

Real quick- for the folks that may not know, let me dedicate two sentences to explaining a pressed penny machine.

It’s exactly what it sounds like- you get some pennies and you pick a design and you squish them into a piece of metal that will forever carry your design.

Cool and kinda creepy- but we love it.

We store them in these little pressed penny binders and suddenly, smooshing change is hella cool. Who knew having a Disney World Pressed Penny Book would be such a prized possession?

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OH and I got this super cute pressed penny picture frame (!!!!!) for my son for his birthday coming up- so now he gets to pick the pennies, press them, bring them home, pick the picture, and store them as a keepsake all for less than 20 dollars!

So why do we press pennies? Because they are such a fun and cool souvenir. They’re cheap, they’re unexpected, and they keep everyone entertained. Sometimes it’s the little things in life!

Ok, tell me what’s changed because I love pressed pennies and you’ve freaked me out

Pressed pennies STILL EXIST

you can breathe a sigh of relief- but things have changed.

Previously, you’d gather up your quarters and pennies and hunt for the machines around resorts and the parks. Or you’d have one of those fancy pocket finders.

But two things are new that could impact your trip.

Number 1 things that changed with pressed pennies

No longer do you have to hunt for your pennies- because it’s gone DIGITAL.

I KNOW ITS 2020 AND FINALLY WE HAVE AN ONLINE MAP. thank you lord because it’s annoying to come across the same machine when you really just want a new design!

There are so many new designs (and some classic ones that pop up unexpectedly!)

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So you can go to the My Disney App and search for ‘coin machine’ and find yourself a full view of where they are located on the resort property. WOOOO. It’s a party yall!

I know you paid 100 dollars to step foot into Disney World but sometimes the real joy is finding a new 51 cent souvenir 🤣🤣🤣

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Number 2 change for our favorite pressed pennies at Disney World

They’ve gone digital TIMES 2.

Not once- but twice!

How do you go digital twice?

with payment of course!

Yes- you can finally order them with a debit card and with dollar bills. No more having to carry around change which is blowing my mind!

I feel like so much time is spent looking for the perfect penny (anyone else go and get new rolls from the bank 🤣🤣) and this takes some of the fun out of it- but also some of the stress and preplanning. It does make it easier to do this as a vacation and not something you have to lug change around for!

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But there’s some pros and cons to this new method.

Big CON is that you have to purchase the whole set of coins for 5 dollars if you pay with a card.

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If you use a dollar you can purchase one. But this means that you now pay 1 dollar for a pressed penny (the irony here) instead of 51 cents.

IF you purchase with a card, that means you get EIGHT pennies for five dollars. Still not the same as using change, and you might end up with some designs you don’t want.

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Plus, you aren’t able to select the pennies (and this can be a big deal if you like having new and unblemished pennies to get pressed!)

BUT THE PRO- is that you no longer need to carry change! You can just use a debit card or pop a dollar in the machine and tada! You’ve got some great souvenirs.

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Number 3 Change for Pressed Pennies in 2020

I know I said two changes, but I had to update this because of everything going on with (it that must not be named) Covid 19.

I’m sure you’re totally over hearing about it, but I’ve got to share about pennies in post pandemic Disney World!

Good news is that pressed pennies are still a thing (you can breath a sigh of relief! )

They are all still available at Disney World (and the two other large theme parks in orlando- as well as pin trading and legoland is still exchanging heads!)

It IS harder to access them with the new restrictions on resorts (no more guest entry unless you have a reservation) and it is harder with the Park Pass system because there’s no park hopping and lots of preplanning involved.

Since lots of us hang out in the same collection and trading circles I wanted you to know it’s different now- but still a great option!

With all those changes, what’s still the same with pressed pennies?

Valid question and important to share for some of you that might not have been to the parks lately.

Pressed Pennies are still a great (and frugal!) souvenir and one of the cheapest ones even with the price increase for going digital (See number 2 above)

there’s still an incredible number of machines around the parks – and there’s still a map (it’s just digital in the app) and there’s still lots of fun characters and some super rare pennies too!

So how much change do I need to bring to get these pressed pennies?

Let’s just say friend, you’ve got options!

You can do the traditional change method (but the new ones don’t accept change)

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Or you can bring dollars or a debit card (but the old ones only take change)

My word of advice, bring 10 dollars in quarters, a roll of pennies, and some 10 dollars in 1 dollar bills. 20 dollars and 50 cents will get you quite a few pennies to choose from!

Best Hacks for getting the prettiest pennies

On the old crank machines, anyone will tell you, the slower you crank, the better the image. The new ones, you aren’t able to control as well- but they seem to turn out pretty decent.

Once you get home, you can clean any pennies that are less than pretty- and it’s not hard! Simply use an eraser, or put them in some vinegar and you are good to go!

What do I do with the pennies when I get home

So I’ve got a confession- my pennies have sat in a drawer for like everrrrr and then I think I gave them away and I’m SO SAD ABOUT IT.

Now that my 4 year old is obsessed with them (parenting done right) I’m going to take some of these ideas and make a little ‘penny wall nook’ where we can keep these nifty souvenirs from our weekly trips and use them as decorations. That’s a win in my book!

Free Stuff at Disney World ?!!?

You better believe it! Grab the list of Free Stuff so you can plan your budget friendly vacation at Disney World!

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    6 thoughts on “Pressed Pennies at Disney World-new rules for 2020 (Photos and Tips)”

    1. Thanks for the updated info as we are heading to WDW soon! If you do the cash option on the new machines, are you able to select the design you want? Or will it randomly pick one of the 8 on the machine?

    2. Thank you so much for all the information! It is hard to search for all the machines just by sight, so the app is a bonus! My son loves pressed penny machines, and we cant wait to use the app and get some new pennies when we go in November!

      • They are hidden sometimes- but I think the hidden ones have the best designs for pennies! I hope you get lots of new ones on your trip in November!

      • Hi Sandy! Some machines take coins, some machine do not. Some machines are ONLY digital and require a credit card or cash (no coins)


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