Preschool Itineraries for Disney World (all four parks)

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Every Disney movie you watch features one similarity… they all have Cinderella’s Castle in all her glory before the video! 

Needless to say, my kids not only knew to expect Cinderella’s Castle at the beginning of every Disney movie we watched, but by the time they were three, they would get mad if I fast forwarded past the castle part! 

And for most preschoolers, they’ve already picked out a favorite character, know who Mickey Mouse is, and have probably watched Disney World fireworks and parades on Youtube! 

So planning a trip, and an itinerary for your preschooler, seems like the natural thing to do! And if this is your first trip, know you can’t go wrong with a no pressure, no agenda vacation to all four parks. In that case, just grab this list of rides for preschoolers and call it planned!

This itinerary is more for those parents and caregivers that want to hit up a number of rides and shows in a more strategic way.

That way you get the most out of an expensive vacation, or for lots of memories since it might be a once in a lifetime vacation! Especially since the Disney site leaves a lot of things out when it comes to their preschool section.  And yes, I really do think all kids will enjoy disney world, but if you’re wondering if a 4 year old will enjoy disney, understand all the things that work to your advantage!

Either way, you’ll find the preschool itinerary below for a 5 day trip to Disney World. We recommend 5 days, since you’ll have arrival and departure days (days 6 and 7) and we also recommend at least one “off” or “vacation” day where you don’t have plans. Rounding out that trip, you’ve got a magical 8 day vacation to Orlando, Florida and lots of pictures and memories to boot! 

➡️➡️ Need to let the kids run wild? Here’s the play places you can find in each Disney World Park.

Table of Contents

How to use this Preschool Disney World Itinerary

Magic Kingdom

Hollywood Studios

Animal Kingdom


Quick pitfalls you’ll need to consider for this itinerary to work.

I could just throw an itinerary at you, but this is less about spoon feeding you and more about helping you make the right choices for your family. 

The big elephant in the room is the weather. In the ‘winter’ months of January- March, you’ll find bitter winds and bitter rain that make it uncomfortable on your sunburned face. 

In June- September, Central Florida gets 60% of it’s yearly rainfall (yes it rains all year, but these days it rains almost!) and you might even get to experience a hurricane. 

Weather is a MAJOR player in itineraries, since a regular day is going to look way different than a rainy day. If you come to Disney World, A. bring ponchos and B. make backup plans in case it rains like this rainy day Magic Kingdom itinerary.

The other big factor for your success, is knowing what type of people you are, especially on vacation. What does that means? Are you sleeping in? Going to bed early? Does your preschooler get a nap or quiet time? 

These are all really important things to factor in so you don’t loose money by being so exhausted at the end of your trip that you just skip a day or two at the park (and Disney knows this and does take advantage of it with multi day discounted tickets!) 

You’ll want to choose the right itinerary based on your habits (not based on what someone else told you- this is a vacation after all!) 

The preschool itineraries for Disney trip with your preschooler! 

Included below is time slots for character meals and greets- see tips here for toddlers and preschoolers meeting characters and how to make the most of your time!

Magic Kingdom Preschooler Itinerary- two days (early start, late start) 

Early Start Magic Kingdom Preschool Itinerary 

815 Peter’s Pan’s Flight 

835 Prince Charming Regal Carrousel 

9 Tomorrowland Speedway 

925 Buzz Lightyear 

945 Pictures in front of the Castle 

1015 Jungle Cruise 

1045 Pirates of the Carribean

1120 Big Thunder Mountain RailRoad 

12 Lunch at Jungle Navigation Co or The Plaza Restaurant 

1 Astro Orbiter 

130 The PeopleMover (Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover)

145 The Barnstormer

2 Dumbo the Flying Elephant (has indoor play area!) 

230 Casey Jr. Splash Pad (has bathrooms for changing!) 

315 Meet Characters at the Big Top

4 Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid 

430 Winnie the Pooh 

5 Mickey’s PhilharMagic 

Dinner and enjoy evening catching rides or characters before the evening shows.  

Late Start Touring Plan for Magic Kingdom with Preschoolers  (best for weekdays) 

11 Jungle Cruise 

11:45 Pirates of the Caribbean 

12:15 Splash Mountain or Big Thunder Mountain 

Lunch at Quick Serve (Peco Bill’s or Harbour House)

1:20Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid 

1:45 The Barnstormer

2 Dumbo the Flying Elephant (has indoor play area!) 

2:30 Casey Jr. Splash Pad (has bathrooms for changing!) 

3:15 Meet Characters at the Big Top

4 Astro Orbitor 

4:20 People Mover 

4:35 Buzz Lightyear

5 Dinner at Crystal Palace 

630 Peter Pan’s Flight 

715 Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train 

745 Winnie the Pooh 


enjoy evening catching rides or characters before park close 

Hollywood Studios One Day touring plan with preschoolers 

(it’s hard to give times here, as Rise of the Resistance is a boarding pass, and it could happen at anytime of the day!)

Since Hollywood Studios has some new additions and players in the game, there’s a seperate post detailing the HOW to do a day at Hollywood Studios with young kids (and if you want to make it the full day- you’ll need this post!)

Arrive at Park Opening 

Remain in Main Walkway towards Toy Story to get a Rise of Resistance Boarding Pass

Slinky Dog first thing

Then head back to Tower of Terror

Lightning McQueen Racing Academy

Disney Jr. Dance Party 

Meet Disney Jr. Characters 

Frozen Ever After Sing Along 

Lunch at Hollywood and Vine 

Rise of the Resistance

Millennium Falcon:Smuggler’s Run 

Toy Story Mania 

Alien Swirling Saucers

Dinner at Woody’s Lunchbox or Docking Bay 7  

Mickey’s Runaway Railway 

Evening Show 

 Animal Kingdom Preschool One Day Itinerary 

Grab a Wilderness Book 8 

Explore Tree of Life/Animal around tree

Navi River Journey 9 

Gorilla Fall’s Trail at 945

Train to Rafiki’s 1015 

Affection Section 

Train Back 11

Meet Mickey and Minnie at 1130 

Lunch at 12 Flame Tree BBQ

Kali River Rapids at 1245 

TriceraTop Spin at 2 


Meet Characters in DinoLand at 230 

Fossil Dig and Bone Yard from 3-4 


Catch a show at 230 

Then meet characters in DinoLand from 3-4


Skip dinoland, do the Maharajah Jungle Trek

Look for exclusive characters

Nap from 3-4 at Baby Care Center 

Dinner at 4 

Get in line for Safari at 445 – line may take 35-65 minutes, but this is truly the best time to see the animals. 

Wrap up the evening with a walk back through Pandora and then exit while viewing the tree of life show. 


Epcot Preschool Itinerary  is the wild card- could easily do two days but one day is listed for your vacation 

When it comes to an Epcot vacation, you have no choice but to start ‘late’ as the World Showcase doesn’t open up till 11. Most days, future world has the option to open up at 9, but you’ll need to check your vacation dates to confirm the hours for this one!

play areas at epcot


Early Start (arrive 45 minutes before park opening) 

Future World 

9 The Seas with Nemo and Friends 

920 Test Track 

10 Journey into Imagination with Figment 

1035 Stand in Line for Frozen 

1115 Grand Fiesta Tour 

1145 Sunshine Seasons Lunch 

1230-145 Living with the Land/Soarin/Awesome Planet (all in The Land Pavillion) 

2 New Ratatouille Ride or Spaceship Earth 

3 Explore France- watch The Beauty and The Beast  sing-a-long + Kidcot (Learn all about Kidcots and why your preschooler will love it here!)

345 visit the shops in Morocco and Japan + Kidcot 

415 Visit the American Adventure

5 Dinner on the World Showcase ( Japan, America or Italy) 

6 Grab Gelati in Italy, or Caramel Popcorn in Germany 

630 Check out the Train outside Germany, and play in The Outpost 

7 China 

730 Ride Frozen or Grand Fiesta Tour again 

8 find a spot for the nighttime entertainment! 

Late Start at EPCOT with a Preschooler

Come in from the Skyliner- Maybe a breakfast at Topolino’s Character Meal, or Trattoria Al Forno. 

Come in the International Gateway entrance, which is located on the west side of Epcot. 

11 Frozen 

1130 Grand Fiesta Tour 

12 Test Track 

1245 Lunch at Sunshine Seasons 

130 Soarin

215 Living with the Land 

245 Awesome Planet

3 The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride 

325 Explore the Seas Pavilion 

4 Spaceship Earth OR The new Ratatouille Ride 

5 Dinner on the World Showcase 

6-8 Explore World Showcase and Kidcot attractions (these close at sunset)

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