Potion Purple: What is it and where can you find it?

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Purple has been all the rage at Disney lately.

Potion Purple or Purple Potion??!

Have you heard about it and wondered where it came from? Or what kind of new and cool Merch Disney has in store for All-things-purple 2019?

While Potion Purple has taken over Disney, lots of folks want to know where it came from! What exactly, is the story behind celebrating a color?

Let’s talk about all things purple, from Merch to food and our infamous wall!

Potion Purple is the newest craze to grab Disney World, yes folks we are celebrating a color! Check out all the other important information for Purple Potion 2019! #disneyworldtips #potionpurple


So what is the scoop on Purple Potion?

I like colors- they certainly spice up life and Disney is no stranger to using colors and ideas in unique ways.


When was the last time Disney came out with a full line of gear for a color?

Yeah- it hasn’t really been a big thing in the past.

Turns out, there’s this wall that made it social media famous- and with some influencers behind the trend, purple potion was born!

Sometimes you just need to ask for what you want!

If your wanting to find more purple on instagram (or join the craze yourself!) look for these hashtags!

  1. #purplepotion
  2. #purplewall
  3. #galacticpurplewall
  4. #purplepotionears
  5. #potionpurple

Where Can you find the Purple Wall?

The infamous purple wall- I guess you could say “the wall that started it all” is in the beginning of Tomorrowland Terrace at Disney World.

Also affectionately named “the Galactic Purple Wall” this purple background is a hot spot for great photos!

If you want to get to the wall- go down Mainstreet USA, turn Right into the main walkway to Tomorrow Land and then take another Right at the entrance- like you are going to the now closed Tomorrowland Terrace Restaurant.

And Alternative is to cut from the side by The Ice Cream shop on Mainstreet, scoot through the old tomorrow land terrace restaurant and BOOM! There is the purple wall on the right facing the water.

You can also see the purple wall if you take the People Mover ride. It is towards the end right before they talk about Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor.

What Merchandise does Disney have in store for Purple?

So this whole purple potion thing took off… and Disney definitely capitalized on the Merch!

Not only do we have adorable Minnie Mouse Potion Purple Ears…


We also get treated to a full line up of goods- all in purple! Short and long sleeve shirts, bags and waters bottles. All of the amazing purple things to satisfy your appetite and celebrate!

NEW IN 2019 DISNEY- Potion Purple! Check out all the amazing new food additions (all purple!) and the hottest new Merch. And Find out why we are suddenly so obsessed with all things purple!

Don’t Forget about the Food!

In true Disney Fashion, we’ve got great merchandise AND we’ve got great snacks!

In January 2019, Disney rolled out a whole assortment of sweet and savory purple snacks. Perfect for eating AND instagramming!

Cupcakes and cake pops, churros and tacos- all with a little or a lot of purple!

Check out the official Disney site for the full locations (and adorable pics) of the latest purple food craze!

Wrap Up

Have you seen the Purple Craze in person? Are you excited for seeing the Purple Wall when you go to Disney Next?

Let me know your thoughts below or share your thoughts on social media! I’d love to know what you think!

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