Port Orleans French Quarter: Gluten Free and Allergen Review

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One of the best parts about Disney World is being about to eat at your resorts.


Anyone can visit the resorts without a park ticket, but this is also a great option to stay at!

Next up, this is a Moderate Resort with Two Quick Serve locations (one here at Port Orleans French Quarter and one a walk away at Riverside). Quick Serves have less options than Table Service locations (see the Food Allergy FAQ for a better explanation) and the options can be somewhat limited if you manage Multiple Food Allergies. I highly recommend Boatwrights Table Service at Port Orleans Riverside if you want a more custom experience. You can drive over, walk over or take the internal resort bus. There is also a lounge at Port Orleans AND Riverside.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide , If you’ve been here before and just need the best places to eat and snacks, see the Touring Plan and Snack Guide. Just Gluten Free? There’s a guide for that too!

Where’s it located

This resort is near Epcot and considered an “Epcot” Resort. It’s very close to the DVC resort, Key West. It also has a Sister Resort, Port Orleans Riverside. You can walk to Riverside or take the internal bus (but the buses can be slow sometimes!). You can also drive over.

Plus, you can take a boat to Disney Springs (formally downtown disney) and grab a bunch of gluten free eats there!

The main There you will find the food court, Sassagoula Float Works and Food Factory.

They also have two other smaller eateries/drink stations.

Kid coloring area with a TV. Ironically, this time that we visited we watched Princess and the Frog. Normally they have Disney Junior turned on.

Eating With Allergies at Port Orleans

It’s actually really easy at this resort. Disney has been rolling out some cool things where they make it clear and easy for you to speak to someone about a special order. Here at Port Orleans they actually have a sign showing you where to go to speak with a chef!

What can the Chef’s make you?

A lot. They can make you some seriously yummy eats.
Like many of the resorts, they aren’t super limited.

Kid type meals we’ve had chicken tenders and pizza.

Are you tired of seeing my kids hands in these food pictures! They just love to eat.

They have a gluten free roll bread, so you can get a big hoagie sandwich loaded with some yummy meat and veggie options (steer clear of the cheese sauce though. It’s GF but it tastes very gross).

Good- but not our favorite.

Our favorites are the rice bowls. These are already GF and we just get a chef to make them to avoid any CC. It’s so fast! (I hate having to wait to eat when I’m hungry!).

You are lucky I even took a picture 🙂 I was so hungry! And it was delicious.

My husband has also had pasta here, and some sort of meat and veggie dish.

Plus they have a good amount of dessert options. Like shakes and sundaes. Normally we get the beignets though!

What’s the resort speciality at Port Orleans?

This resort is famous for two things- cajun food and beignets.

Yes, gluten free and delicious beignets! They are actually top 8 free if you get them without ice cream.

See more about the beignets here.

YESSS. Sadly they aren’t mickey shaped- (those arent safe to eat) but these are delicious and oh so yummy!

Normally we grab the unsuggared version for the kids since it makes a huge mess!

Prepackaged food items

If you aren’t familiar with Disney Properties you might not know this, but every single resort has prepackaged food.

Some have much more than others- like the deluxe resorts carry a lot of items since most of them have kitchens (think eggs, butter, breakfast foods, microwave meals etc).

Other resorts have more snack based items, which is what you will find at Port Orleans.

Will we be back?

That’s a BIG fat yes!

It is truly one of the safest places to eat, and sometimes we have to force ourselves to try something new. We love the beignets and the other options they have available!

I’ve talk to many of the chefs here and the managers. It is a wonderful place to dine and they are extremely aware of allergens.

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