Polite Pig: Food Allergy Friendly Review and Menu

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Come on down to Disney Springs and get your food allergy friendly Bar-B-Que on at the Polite Pig!

Located right by the entrance of the Lime Garage, the Polite Pig is a BBQ and Taps restaurant.

The food here is very reminiscent of a summer BBQ with the family–lots of classic sides like coleslaw and baked beans!

Mix that with a laid back ambience and it’s a great option for some quick and relaxed eats at Disney Springs.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Let’s talk about the allergy friendly meal at Polite Pig!

I was given an allergen guide (you can see it below!) and spoke with a manager about modifications.

Once I explained to the manager, he played liaison with the chef. Together, we talked through options to eliminate dairy and soy (gluten was relatively easy to avoid here) and took off some toppings to make the sides safe!

For the watermelon salad, they removed the cheese. And let me say, that salad stole the show! It was a watermelon, tomato, and red onion salad mixture that was incredibly refreshing–not spicy at all.

polite pig food allergy

For the beet salad they removed the granola crumble. It was just so-so (but I’m also a fan of sweeter beets and these were savory). With beets that were very ‘meaty’ in flavor and texture.

Removing those toppings made both sides top 8 free! The baked beans can also be modified but I believe contained soy lethicin. I avoid beans because I avoid most spices.

For the main course I opted for fish. The manager did say I could order the fish a la carte when we initially didn’t know what could be modified.

polite pig food allergy

So it is possible to mix and match some options if you don’t find what you need at first glance.

There were other options for the main course–but all of them contain soy lethicin. Not soy protein. So there are technically top 8 friendly protein options depending on your allergies and comfort level. But no true main course that is totally top 8 free.

Things to know!

The fryer here is a shared and a recycled oil fryer.

The fryer is also a soy based oil.

They have a gluten free bun available for an up charge.

This is a hybrid quick serve where you order at a counter and have a pager with your food brought to you. Very much like Be Our Guest lunch options!

polite pig food allergy

Allergy Menu for Polite Pig

This menu is a little opposite than what you’d find at Disney owned restaurants as this is independently owned in Disney Springs!

Also, the menu lists what the item contains–not what it’s safe for. This is an important distinction to make!

How was your experience at the Polite Pig? Tell me in the comments!

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