Disney World Playgrounds (and play spaces)(Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom)

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If your headed to Disney World, you might assume that there are a ton of places for kids to play in the parks and at the resorts.

And while there are places for the little one to let off some steam, the focus is definitely on rides and meals and characters and parades. Which means, there’s less emphasis on playgrounds and play spaces!

There are Playgrounds at Three of the Four Disney World Parks including Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom and EPCOT. Hollywood Studios does not have a playground. Likewise, many of the Disney Resorts have playgrounds, but not all of them do.

I’m happy to report that all of the playgrounds are now open in the parks and resorts. While many of the resorts have playgrounds, we’re going to cover the playgrounds and play spaces INSIDE the parks that you’ll need a ticket to access. Speaking of tickets, while your inside the Disney Parks, there’s a whole lot to do that doesn’t involve rides. If you or your party wants to do Disney without rides, see what that would look like here.

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What are the Best Playgrounds at Disney World?

Coming in at number 1 is going to be the Dumbo Ride Queue Playground, which is a full Playground with options for kids infant through 12 and in the Air Conditioning! At Number 2 is the Boneyard in Animal Kingdom. And at Number 3, The Landing Zone at EPCOT in World Celebration.

And while your here, this helpful Disney Toddler planning guide, and packing guide for younger kids at Disney World might help with your upcoming trip!

Can you reserve Playgrounds for Birthdays or Celebrations at Disney World?

No, you cannot reserve playgrounds for birthdays or celebrations at Disney World. Playgrounds are open to all guests and are not available for private use. However, there are a number of other ways to celebrate your birthday at Disney World.

Playgrounds at Magic Kingdom

Is there a playground at Magic Kingdom?

Yes! There are two playgrounds at Magic Kingdom (and a number of play spaces we’ll mention below!) Both of them are ‘tucked away’ so they aren’t obvious to find. The first is inside the Dumbo Ride Queue, and the other is on Tom Sawyer’s Island.

The first is inside the Dumbo Ride. It’s an indoor playground that features an area for the 2-5 crowd in the center, and then a climbing area for the bigger kids. We LOVE it here, especially because it’s indoors and shaded (plus temp controlled)

Dumbo Playground

Inside or Outside: Inside

Ages: two sections, 2-5 and 5+

The other playground is harder to access as it’s actually on Tom Sawyer’s Island! This is a small but shaded playground themed like a boat. You’ll need to physically take a boat over to this playground, and there’s other things to explore here like a fort, and some creepy cool hidden caves!

Tom Sawyers Fort

Inside or Outside: Outside

Ages: two sections, 2-12

And for reference heres what I mean by caves… it’s literally a fake cave and I did almost get lost. It was cool, but also, I don’t want to do it again.

Casey Jr Splash Pad

There is also the area with a splash pad called Casey jr Splash ‘n’ soak station. (this area is known as Big Top) where you can find a splash pad area for everyone in the family to cool off! This splash pad IS HUGE, and features bathrooms right next door. We love playing here when the weather is hot and everyone needs a break!

Then you’ll find some play activities in the line for Winnie the Pooh, at the end of Splash Mountain, and in line for Seven Dwarf Mine Train.

Here’s a look at the one at the old Splash Mountain Playground.

The Old Splash Mountain Exit Play Area

Inside or Outside: Outside under shade.

Ages: all ages, but it’s really designed for 2-5 years old

Playgrounds at Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom has quite a few kid friendly attractions, but they also have the largest play area out of all the parks. This playground is ridiculously fun, but has some solid down sides.

Tucked inside of DinoLand USA you’ll find a guarded area just for the kids to play- and when you go over the bridge you’ll find a gigantic digsite where the kiddos can hunt for dinosaurs bones. You’ll also find fun things like face painting and carnival games!

The downsides include loosing your kids because it’s a maze, and it not being very toddler friendly (it’s three stories with Cast Members for monitoring, but it’s easy for a toddler to get too far up, or up the wrong slide). There is also a ‘dig pit’ which has small rocks. Great for the kids to have a sensory activity, but the rocks to tend to end up in shoes, down clothing, and take it with you.

The Boneyard

Inside or Outside: Outside with some shade. Does close in the rain.

Ages: all ages

We love it here and spend a lot of time here when we visit Animal Kingdom!

You’ll also find some play areas throughout the parks. Like a drumming section in Africa and a Drumming Section in Pandora.

Playgrounds at Epcot

Epcot has SO MANY LITTLE AREAS for the kids to play. Seriously, one of my favorite parks when the kids just need to let off some steam and I need to work on the festivals for the blog.

Our favorite is the back entrance to Mission Space, there is a play area for 2-5 and then 5-12. It’s called ‘space base’ and you do not have to ride the ride to play on this area!

Space Base

Inside or Outside: Inside

Ages: two sections, 2-5 and 5+

You’ll also find an easy to access FuelRod location here.

But they also have a full fledge play area before you get into the World Showcase. It’s over by the New Creations Shop and is now a year round fixture! There is a several places to sit, plus some accessible items

Green Landing Play Zone

Inside or Outside: Outside

Ages: two sections, 2-5 and 5+

Then there is an inside Play Space, with a super cute photo opportunity, at the exit of The Seas with Nemo and Friends. Officially it’s located in the ‘Sea Base’ which is full of aquariums and learning opportunities.

This is our favorite location to head to when it rains!

There’s other play areas as you exit the rides at EPCOT. Both Journey into Imagination with Figment, and SpaceShip Earth have indoor areas filled with really cool effects. These locations offer a chance to play and learn (the original edutainment) offering something for all ages.

Here’s one of the items below at the exit of Spaceship Earth.

They do have a seasonal festival option, and that is located in between World Nature and the World Showcase, on the walkway by Imagination.

Name: Seasonal Festival Playground

Inside or Outside: Outside

Ages: two sections, 2-5 and 5+

And while not a playground per say, my kids LOVE spending time with the ‘dancing water’ over in EPCOT. This is a totally outside attraction where water ‘shoots’ through the sky.

Hollywood Studios Play Areas

Previously, Hollywood Studios used to have a nice big playground, but that was removed with all the remodels. Now they don’t have a traditional area for the kids to play and we hope they bring one back soon! See the full article for taking little ones to Hollywood Studios for your trip to Galaxy’s Edge!

There is this cute area below where the kids can ‘meet’ cruz and she talks to them (one of the only talking character interactions FYI!) and it’s cute for the kids to run around and let off some steam (but it’s not a traditional play area)

Water Parks

The Water Parks do have some kid friendly rides, but they each have their own kid friendly area! These spots are tucked to the side and come complete with attractions specifically for the younger ones to ride. Typhoon Lagoon is definitely our favorite one for the little kids, BUT blizzard beach has a super cool kid area too! And it’s a bit closer to the front of the park, so that’s a plus!

We can easily make a full day out of the water parks, and in the summer you’ll find Disney Characters there too!

The Resorts are where it’s at for Playgrounds

But, the resorts are where you’ll find the majority of the play areas. Not only does Disney World Resorts have some world class pools like a Salt Water Pool at Art of Animation Resort (the Big Blue Pool) and a real sand beach pool at Beach Club Resort with it’s own pirate ship and water slide (Storm Along Bay Pool) but you’ll also find quite a few playgrounds and areas to let the kids run wild before bed time.

Last week we stayed at the All Star Music Resort in the Family Suite and the playground was right outside our door! It was literally amazing!

You can check the map at your resort and see where it’s located- BUT (and this is a big but!) most of the deluxe resorts do not have a typical playground (we learned this the hard way when we took our 3yr old to Disney World) These are generally found at the Moderate and Value resorts.

Not that a playground is a big deal breaker, but when the kids need to be exhausted before bed, you’ll be glad to know what your options are!


Basically, you’ll have no shortage of places for your kids to play at Disney World, but you might just need to ask where to go. A Cast Member will be happy to show you the way so you can make a pit stop for the kids to play and for you to relax for a minute. Interested in other play things for Kids? You can see all of the current options for Bubble Wands at Disney in this guide.

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