Play Areas For Kids at Epcot

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While Disney World has lots of attractions and things for kids to do, sometimes they just need to be able to run and let off some steam! And the play areas you can find around Epcot will let them do just that!

Another thing though: Epcot is sometimes called the “adult magic kingdom” but really, there are more play areas in Epcot than any other park. (I mean… Hollywood studios doesn’t even have a dedicated play area and Universal Studios puts Disney to shame.)

Let’s take a look at all of the fun play areas the kiddos can enjoy at Epcot!

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Base Camp: Inside Mission Space

Age group 2-12

You’ll find this inside of the exit to mission space. Simply walk into the attached gift shop and follow the walkway around to a large area that has this playground plus stuff for 12+

play areas at epcot

Green Zone

Age group 0-12

Since construction is ongoing at Epcot you’ll have to follow a map to get here, but it’s by the old mouse gears location and technically in Future World East, now with the walkway set up! Very close to the baby care center, this one is a no brainer when visiting Epcot.

play areas at epcot

Outpost play area

Age group 1-10

Cool off with some Coca-Cola mist machines and play drums with this tucked away play area- find it around the world showcase!

play areas at epcot

Figment Play Area

Age group 2-12

Exiting the figment ride (which is technically kid friendly but my kids hate the loud pitch squeal on the ride) you’ll find not only a play area, but meet and greets!

Play with music and sound, jump around, and meet Wreck it Ralph
and Vanellope on one side and Joy from Inside Out on the other!

(You’ll also find the DVC lounge here if you’re a member!)

play areas at epcot

Baby Care Center

Age group 0-6

Not necessarily a true play area, but a great place to stop and get some AC while Disney Jr plays! There’s tables and high chairs for feeding the kids, dedicated restrooms, and a super helpful attendant that’s selling all sorts of useful kid related stuff.

Nemo and Friends

Age group 2-12

Shark bait! Oo ah ah!

Step into a cute little area designed to mimic the sea- and get a cute picture to boot!

Albeit a little dark (light wise), it’s full of educational stuff and lots of things for kids to touch and explore.

Which is your and your kiddos’ favorite play area at Epcot? Leave it in the comments!

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