Plant Based Cupcake gets Fall themed Makeover (Allergy Details) 2022

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Come one, Come all, for the next month we’ve got a Fall themed Allergy Treat at several of the resorts!

For Halloween, we got the ‘plant based boo’ which was super cute! I’m so excited what we get for the Holiday Season and I’ll be sure to share it here and on social media.

The theme for the Fall themed cupcake is : ” Holiday FALLing for plant based cupcake “

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Quick Reference for the Holiday FALLing for plant based cupcake

This is the Black and White Cupcake! You’ll find this at all the Value and some of the Moderate Resorts at Disney World!

Listed Allergens: Corn

Price: 5.99

Ingredients and Photos for the Plant Based Fall Cupcake

This cupcake is made with Namaste Allergy Friendly Flour in a shared facility with allergy procedures. Some resorts labeled this gluten and allergy friendly, some resorts only label it Plant Based. Talk to Disney Staff to determine your comfort level!

Since this is made with Namaste, and not a housemade blend, it is so perfectly balanced and flavorful! Disney has tried some blends in the past with success, but the Namaste mix is already great so I’m happy they choose that for these cupcakes!

FYI, we first found this cupcake in the Spring, so here’s to it sticking around and being a fun themed (And sometimes ‘normal’) option year round!

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