Quick list of Places to Breastfeed and/or Bottlefeed Babies at Disney World

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Taking a baby or toddler to Disney World is an experience that will last for years to come. But you and I know, Babies need a lot of care, especially if you are breastfeeding them on demand! 

Technically you can breastfeed anywhere and anytime you want in Disney World, but it’s so much more fun to have some entertainment or with air conditioning! If you don’t need spots for breastfeeding, head over to this post to learn about everything else breastfeeding related (like packing!) at Disney World

Disney World does have breastfeeding/pumping/bottle feeding rooms available for you to use. These are located in the Baby Care Centers, each park has one Baby Care Center. The rooms in Magic Kingdom and Epcot are semi-private, and the rooms in Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios are individual rooms.

Disney Springs does not have an official nursing room, but you can head to the Disney Springs Welcome Center to use one of the empty offices. It comes with an outlet in case you need to pump while you are there.

While I have a few favorites for my nurslings, Let’s take a look at ALL the place you can feed baby in the Walt Disney World Parks. There’s over 30 different rides and little nooks that I highly recommend. You can save this post so you can mark on your map where you might want to stop! 

Busy being a parent and don’t have time to read the post? There’s benches and Baby Care Centers at every park. Any ride that doesn’t have a height requirement is good for baby, and you can grab a nursing session while you’re there. I highly recommend a baby carrier for nursing in lines too! 

Also, make sure you have the My Disney Experience App, and you double-check the closures before you head to the parks. I don’t want you looking forward to some Air Conditioning only to find that it’s being refurbished! Click this link to Disney World, then hit day view to see everything that is closed during your vacation!

Places to nurse baby at Magic Kingdom 

When it comes to breastfeeding in the Magic Kingdom, you’ll see a lot of other mom’s doing the same! Magic Kingdom is the mecca for nurslings and enjoying your Disney World Vacation. 

Magic Kingdom is also great for rides for little ones, and you can easily spend more than a day here taking in all the sites and fun festivities without being rushed! 

Speaking of Rain… here’s 9 things you can do on your trip if it starts pouring and you need a backup!
  • The Baby Care Center 
  • The Carousel of Progress (it’s a longer show)
  • Benches in Tomorrowland 
  • Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover
  • The Benches over by Pete’s Silly Slideshow
  • Seating area over by Gaston’s Taverns 
  • Journey of the Little Mermaid Ride
  • Pinocchio Village Haus (you can view it’s a small world boats!) and they have a private upstairs
  • Charging/Seating area in front of Rapunzel’s Tower (Can be quiet loud sometimes)
  • The Hall of Presidents Show (has air conditioning)
  • Country Bear Jamboree Show (has air conditioning)
  • Enchanted Tiki Room Show (has air conditioning)
  • Play area near Bathrooms in Adventureland
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Ride
  • Any of the table service or quick service restaurants
  • Any line queue

Hollywood Studios Breastfeeding or Bottle Feeding Spots for Babies 

Not to be a bringer of bad news, but Hollywood Studios has a really small baby care center. So if you feel uncomfortable nursing in public, you’ll need to have a few cover options when you head over to Hollywood Studios! 

Olaf at Hollywood Studios
  • The Baby Care Center is at the very front
  • Frozen Sing Along (and its 30 minutes of air conditioning) 
  • Beauty and the Beast (it’s outside, sit towards the back on the right) 
  • Muppet Vision 3D (inside, loud bang at end of show)
  • Benches over by Pizzerizzo, or upstairs at Pizzerizzo
  • Lightning McQueen Racing academy (has air conditioning)
  • Any of the table service or quick service restaurants
  • Any line queue

I don’t recommend the following:

  • Indiana Jones is very loud
  • Disney Junior Show is cute but distracting

Best Breastfeeding places at Animal Kingdom 

Animal Kingdom is a great place to nurse baby, but you’ll also be doing a lot of walking as Disney World’s largest park! So make sure to remember to hydrate, especially at Animal Kingdom. 

Throwback to when we only had ONE baby.

Animal Kingdom is set up kinda similar to Epcot. There’s a hub when you walk in, then a giant circle around the tree of life. Some people complain that it can be really humid, so keep that in mind when you are spending the entire day there. 

Going left to right in the giant circle I’d recommend:

  • Many Hidden Benches in the Land of Pandora (hard to access in the morning)
  • The Baby Care Center right next to Starbucks (called Creature Comforts) 
  • Any of the benches in Africa area (some shady ones over by the train entrance!) 
  • The Lion King Show (has air conditioning)
  • The Train to Rafiki’s (but it’s a LONG walk to the Animation station, and they don’t want you bringing a stroller so you’ll need to use the Disney ones they have available)
  • In between Africa and Asia there are charging port benches and covered pavilions
  • Birds of Flight Show (sit towards the back right)
  • The seating area by Flame Tree BBQ (nice and shady!)
  • Dinoland USA has a boneyard play area great if you have other kids needing to run off steam
  • Dinoland also has a seating area
  • The Tree of Life, when open, has incredible views and hidden benches. 
  • Any of the table service or quick service restaurants
  • Any line queue

I dont recommend the following:

  • It’s a Bug’s Life
  • Navi River Journey Ride, as the ride is VERY short
Is he pointing at Mickey or is he wanting to nurse?

Quick List of breastfeeding spots at EPCOT

Nursing babies at Epcot is my favorite because there are so many great spots to sit and relax and a ton of entertainment most afternoons and evenings. Plus, there’s so many fun drinks to try, and you can get them all nursing friendly or to your comfort level. 

We’ll split up Epcot into two spots. We’ve got the ‘worlds’ of future world east and west, and then we’ll cover the World Showcase with all the countries in a loop around the lake! 

World Nature, World Celebration, World Discovery (formally future world east and future world west)

  • Living with the Land Ride
  • Seating area inside the land showcase (charging area over by Soarin!) 
  • The Sea’s pavillion (inside, outside, Nemo ride) 
  • Imagination with Figment (entrance and exit, but not the ride) 
  • Pixar Short Film Festival 
  • Exit of Mission Space has a play area and seating 

World Showcase 

  • Starting with the Baby Care center in the Odyssey Building 
  • Gran Fiesta Tour Ride in Mexico (or just go sit inside as it has air conditioning) 
  • Benches all the way in the back of China 
  • Reflections of China Show
  • The Outpost benches
  • American Gardens Theatre
  • The American Adventure has lots of seating and air conditioning (generally quiet)
  • Japan Benches by Katsura Grill (they have a zen garden with benches in the shade)
  • Back areas of Morocco
  • Beauty and the Beast sing along in France (has air conditioning) Is somewhat loud.
  • Gardens in the UK 
  • Canada benches
  • Any of the table service or quick service restaurants
  • Any line queue

Pumping Locations at Disney World with an outlet

Since I have the privilege of going to Disney World so often, I also get the unique insight to seeing moms with portable breast pumps! I’ve seen moms with breast pumps doing their thing in lines for rides, and in restaurants. Since you can take a bag onto most rides, it makes it convenient to use the time to pump.

If you are using a manual pump, you can likely do some of the same things, but using one of the locations above to have some peace and quiet (as it’s manual and not the same as electronic) may be to your benefit.

For those of you tied to an outlet for a multitude of reasons, you’ll need to head to the Baby Care Centers to pump. There are a number of places with outlets, like on somes buses, and the gift shop by Tomorrow Land Speedway in Magic Kingdom, but seating and availability (plus power output) may be scarce.

Conclusion for the quick list of places to breastfeed baby at Disney World  

I’m also a big believer in nursing baby while you are babywearing or just walking about. Plus you’ll likely find that nursing in lines or on transportation helps to keep everyone calm (unless you’ve got a toddler nursling. I’ve been there and godspeed!) 

The top places to breastfeed would be the Baby Care Centers, and any venues where you can find some air conditioning (or heat those few rare times it’s too cold!) 

I’d also recommend that you grab a table service reservation around nap time for a late/early lunch. These are the top character meals for little kids. It’s so much easier to nurse/feed baby and then get them to sleep in the air conditioning and the stroller inside the restaurant.

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