PizzeRizzo Allergy Menu and Review (Hollywood Studios)

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Over in the unofficial Muppets Land, directly at the entrance to Galaxy’s Edge, you’ll find a Muppets-themed pizza quick serve. It’s called PizzeRizzo and it has some great food and one of the super fun upstairs eating areas!

Many people rave about the upstairs seating (including me) , similar to the other Pizza Place in Magic Kingdom, Pinocchio Haus.

I was pretty excited because we love the Muppets. And while this is Muppets themed, it is very subtle and somewhat generic, as many of the quick service options tend to be.

Since it’s right by Galaxy’s Edge, it’s a prime spot to eat. It would be a good option on those days when the park is super crowded! If you’re not into quick serve, right next door is Mama Melrose and that theming is much more obvious and quite fun for the kiddos. Or you can head over to Backlot Express for the more standard quick serve options of Burgers and Chicken.

>>See the recommended places to eat, snack options for all top 8 allergens and secret menu items in the Food Allergy Touring Plan.

***As Always, please speak to a qualified restaurant employee when ordering food. In order to see the most accurate ingredients and risk assessment, you will need to confirm allergy safety in real-time. This is my personal experience, I am not employed or endorsed by companies or brands mentioned.***

Does PizzeRizzo have an allergy menu?

YES! I was very excited to see an allergy menu here AND there were quite a few options for customizing your pizza. While my friend went with me, She didn’t have allergies, and she was also able to customize her pizza. I’ve put the allergy menus below!

This is a great 1-1 allergy/non-allergy option for pizza and quick serve in Hollywood Studios.

Allergy Friendly Options and Gluten Free options

This is one of the many locations that has switched to the Nations Brand Cauliflower top 8 friendly pizza. You can see more about this pizza here.

So when ordering you can grab the allergy friendly pizza, or the regular crust. Plus the allergy friendly sauce (they have two options to choose from) and then either dairy cheese that only contains milk or a dairy free options like Daiya or Follow your Heart.

Old 2020 review and what I ate that was top 7 free

Since they use the Udi’s Crust (which you can get in local stores) they aren’t making the dough in house. The Udi’s Crust does contain egg, so for egg allergies you would get the regular wheat crust. There was not a wheat and egg free crust.

It’s also good to know that this is a completely peanut and treenut free quick serve.

So I ordered an allergy friendly cheese pizza. This was Udi’s Crust, with Daiya Cheese, and a Soy free pizza sauce. This is friendly for Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Peanut/Treenut, Fish and Shellfish.

pizzerizzo allergy menu

The manager confirmed all of the ingredients with the dedicated iPad for food allergy ingredients and double checked the bit about the sauce having soy.

We did end up waiting over 25 minutes. The first time they made it, the manager made it with milk based cheese and thankfully caught his mistake. He informed us, cleaned the area, and remade the food, and offered us some enjoy life cookies on the side.

pizzerizzo allergy menu

I can confirm that it was worth the wait. The pizza had a nice bottom (not too soggy). It was the typical Udi’s Daiya Cheese Pizza that we enjoy at Disney World. I still prefer the pizza at Blaze in Disney Springs, but this is a wonderful option when you’re in Hollywood Studios!

PizzeRizzo Allergy Menu

pizzerizzo allergy menu
pizzerizzo allergy menu
pizzerizzo allergy menu
pizzerizzo allergy menu

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