Fun and Spooky Photos and Magic Shots at Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party 2019

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This year at Mickey’s not so scary halloween party we’ve got lots of fun and ghoulish opportunities for pictures. Normally, I’m all about the rides, but the last few years I’ve realized the it’s better to use a fastpass strategy and save the parties for exclusive attractions.

I actually had so much fun going around and getting all the pictures- especially since the photographers didn’t always tell me what the magic shots were. Surprises are always fun! If this is your first time (or it’s been awhile) you’ll need this easy guide for knowing what to expect (and fun things to do!) at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

The exclusive hard ticket events are fun for lots of things- but the special pictures are definitely a treat! It’s especially fun to take the kids, and even kids under age 6 will find lots of things to enjoy! Let’s take a peek at some of the options we’ve got this year (and where you can find them!!)

But First, can you do all the photo opportunities in one night?

Thanks to digital storage and instagram, pictures are more popular than ever. (i’m giving you the stink eye, polaroids!)

So if you wanted to capture all of these pictures at the Halloween Party, could you do it all in one night?

The hard and fast answer is no, though it’s not black and white.

You COULD get most of them IF you were prepared to wait in line and skip many of the other events. For instance, let’s say you got there at 4 and stayed till midnight, hopped in the lines on main street right after the first halloween parade was over, met the hard to see characters at optimal times, went to the haunted mansion area during the fireworks show and kept a running tally of the pictures you had gotten (so you don’t repeat and you don’t wait in a line you don’t need).

WHEW! Then you would be able to get a good majority of pictures AND still enjoy some of the party. May the force be with you if you choose this path!

I was able to get a lot of this pictures because I went on low traffic nights and because I have the Party Pass this year (Which allows me entrance to 35 of the 36 parties). Don’t kill yourself trying to get all this pictures.

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First, Photo Ops and Magic Maker at MNSSHP

Before we jump right to the characters, let’s talk about the fun and spooky spots throughout the party.

Main Street U.S.A.

Here you have several magic shots, and some wickedly good pictures of the castle and the fall decor.

Main Street Magic Shot
Main Street Magic Shot
By the Flag Area- she actually didn’t tell me this was a magic shot!


throughout the park you’ll find a few photographers with signs. These do change throughout the night (like the ones towards the front of the park change from a generic halloween sign to the parade sign)

She was walking around by the moat around the castle- no magic shots but a good castle shot none the less.
Roaming. The Photopass photographers sign changes based on what’s going on

Haunted Mansion Area

The line for this was long- obviously by the haunted mansion
Inside the gates for haunted mansion. Apparently there was more but I didn’t get a chance to go back there.


When you first get to the park, before even going inside, you’ll get the chance to do the headless horseman. I recommend doing this one as you leave though.

After you enter, you will get shuffled to the right hand side, and you’ll find several fun spots for pictures with props. These DO CLOSE around 8 or so. That means you will want to grab them at the beginning.

As you enter/exit the park.
As you enter to the right side, this will disappear.

Rare Photos with Rare Characters

The Highly sought after 7 dwarfs.
Our main man, Mickey Mouse, in town square theater.
The Infamous and Uber popular Jack Skellington and Sally. this is located in Town Square theater where Tink is at. No wait times posted. Expect to wait an hour.
These were the funniest ones I’ve met in a long time. Located by the spinning teacups. I told them it was my unbirthday and we needed to celebrate.

There’s so much more to do! MNSSHP has something for everyone.

If you like to ride the rides, many are open. If you want to see a fun and exclusive halloween show, parade, and fireworks then they have it. Of course, you can fill up on candy and exclusive treats too!

The pictures are lots of fun, but I might be biased. I just love the halloween party at Magic Kingdom!

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