Petition for Special Diets to be included in Disney World Holiday Events is live

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It was a regular week, until I pulled up the Disney Parks Blog report for Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party.

And while not a big surprise (as we are used to being left out) I was surprised that Disney didn’t include any Gluten Free or Plant based options.

The last party, in 2019, had THREE gluten free options. And this year? Zero. (you can see the list for the Foodie Guide to Disney World Halloween here)

Together, we can let Disney know that this isn’t ok

➡️Sign the petition on Change.Org Here for Disney to include Special Diet options (Gluten Free, Plant Based, low/no sugar etc in themed festivities)

➡️Go to the Social Channels and share the petition (this is important, the more people see and sign, the more Disney will be aware of our community!)

➡️You can also copy the text below to send to Disney World email. The email is:

Hi Disney,

It’s Us.

The growing population of folks with diet restrictions like gluten free, vegetarian and vegan, Top 8 allergies, low sugar diets, artificial dye free (and more!) 

Despite being at least 10% of the population, we are constantly left out of Holiday Party food options. 

Sure, you entice us to the parks on regular days with allergy menus, plant based stickers, and an entire special diets department to help with ADRs. 

But we are excluded from enjoying Holiday Festivities at both U.S. Disney Parks. When Disney added the 5th key in April 2021 (the Inclusion Key) you said this: ” But as with everything we do, this starts with actively listening, learning, and working with our cast and guests to imagine the possibilities.”

We are asking for Disney to include in each Holiday Event (at minimum) consistently: 

  • a plant based food/dessert themed option
  • a gluten free food/dessert themed option
  • a low/no sugar food/dessert themed option 
  • also, consider readily available third party themed options for those with top 8 food allergens (dairy, soy, wheat, egg, fish, shellfish, peanut and treenut) 

These need to be available to the vast majority of people not hidden at a resort that most people can’t access. 

We look forward to no one being left out of the Holiday festivities at Disney World when it comes to themed food options.

-The Special Diets Community 

{Insert Your Name Here}

Let us know in the comments

Are you surprised that Disney is doing *less* with special diets after including the 5th key of Inclusion in April 2021?

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