What to Pack for LEGOLAND Florida

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LEGOLAND is quickly becoming one of my favorite places for an ‘all inclusive’ stay. It’s easy to get from the resort to the parks, there are so many play places for all of the kids, and I love how low stress the planning is!

But one thing that LEGOLAND lacks in, that Disney and Universal have covered, is the amount of options in their stores for when you forget to pack an item. At Disney and Universal, you can hop down to the resort hotel, or over to the parks, and get everything you might need.

But that’s not the case at LEGOLAND, because while they do have some things in the resort, and at the park, they dont have a lot! (But you can go right across the street to Publix to get most things.)

First, We’ll Cover some less known items that will save you in more ways than one… then we’ll get to the regular packing list to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything! Let’s pack for success and have an Awesome vacation!

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Packing Hacks to save you time and money at LEGOLAND

You’ll find a lot of souvenirs and other items at LEGOLAND, but they are not fully prepared for those items you accidentally left at home. So I really recommend planning ahead and considering what items you might need… here’s a list of some ideas below.

Can you bring a bag or backpack into LEGOLAND Florida?

Yes! You can bring bags into LEGOLAND. All items will be searched by security. My family typically brings a bag for change of clothes and then another bag with snacks and waters.

Pack a small bag just for Sun Protection. Include items like a hat, UV clothing, sunshade for the stroller. If you’re sunburnt, you won’t enjoy what you paid for! Vacations with a sunburn aren’t fun.

if it’s hot, PLEASE consider bringing a portable fan- you won’t regret it! This one is my favorite for myself, and then I have ones for the kids strollers (pro tip, they also clip to baby carriers!)

Ponchos are ALWAYS in my bag. Always. Always. It’s gonna rain. Umbrellas are an option, but they are larger and not as easy to use in a theme park.

Bring a portable phone charger✨ (don’t forget the charging cord) because you’ll be using your phone a bunch at LEGOLAND. They still have paper maps and I appreciate it, but you’ll also be checking on wait times or menus or taking pictures.

Packing List for LEGOLAND Theme Park

If you are headed to LEGOLAND with a baby or toddler, check out this seperate helpful packing list for LEGOLAND with a baby.

Here’s the Quick List with some lesser known items listed below

  • Medications/Travel First Aid Kid
  • Diapers/Wipes/Baby Supplies/Wet Wipes  
  • Hand Sanitizer/Hand Wipes
  • Sunscreen/UV protection/Sunglasses/Hats
  • Extra Camera Batteries and Memory Card 
  • Phone Charging Cords, (Ipad, Fan, Etc)
  • Portable Charger
  • Laundry Bag/Popup Laundry Basket/Wet Bag
  • Clothing for every day plus two spare outfits
  • Underwear, Socks with plenty of extras
  • 2 pairs of shoes per person
  • Swimsuits
  • Neck pillows/Small Blankets/Eye Covers/Ear plugs
  • Nightlight/NoiseMaker
  • Water Bottle/Snacks/Electrolyte Packets
  • Park Bag

Some sort of storage like this pop up storage can be lifesaver when organizing your room. Even if this is an adult only trip, you will still have dirty clothes. And forget about it if you have kids! Just try to contain the mess somehow!

Speaking of clothes, have you seen these amazing packing cubes?

I honestly thought it was too good to be true until I grabbed some to try, and now I can never go back to regular packing! These cubes are my favorite and I feel like an adult that has my life together when I open my luggage to see everything tucked into organized cubes 🤪

A Night Light This is a must have even if you don’t have kids. Those rooms can get dark and the last thing you want is a stubbed toe at a resort. Just leave it in your toiletries bag for everytime you travel.

Ohh and a noisemaker. One of the times we got a ‘preferred’ room and it was right by the main pool that was open late. Even on the third floor it was LOUD. Now I always take a small portable white noise machine.

I also recommend several pairs of shoes. One could give you blisters, one gets soaked in the rain, then you’re left with one pair- yikes! For shoes I always recommend two pairs for whatever season (so two sandals for summer, or two sneakers for winter) and then one shoe of the opposite season.

Embarrassingly enough, my issue isn’t with shoe blisters, but rashes in other places. I have a “thunder thigh” issue- BUT I do have a solution.

If you end up having chafing problems, definitely get some chub rub. You will be walking a lot. I have a favorite brand and it has saved my life more than once!

I used to hesitate sharing that with people, but honestly, my thighs eat my pants, it’s just an issue. having a barrier there makes a significant difference. Also helps that my 200lb athletic husband with a BMI of 5 gets chub rub too. Not many people are immune 🤪

We just got the kiddos their own digital camera. It was incredibly affordable, totally digital, and they LOVED IT! Seriously, if you find it under 30 dollars its a steal and perfect for making memories!

What to Pack for LEGOLAND Water Park

For Starters, LEGOLAND Water Park, and the shop outside of the pool, both carry a fairly large offering of swimsuits and swimgear. So if you forget something and do want to enjoy the weather, you likely have options (including infants all the way up to womens size 22).

Do you need to bring at towel to LEGOLAND or LEGOLAND Water Park?

Yes! Please bring a towel, even if you are staying at the resort. You can purchase towels at LEGOLAND water park, but they do not have towels available for free.

For Water Park Packing I’d recommend:

  • Water Shoes (as the ground gets VERY HOT!)
  • SwimGear
  • Sun Protection (sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, UV shirts/UV Shorts)
  • Towel
  • wet/dry bag or mesh bag to store your wet gear
  • waterproof cellphone bag

Snacks are also another thing to consider, as the water park has some options but is generally pretty limited on food selections.

What to Pack for the Weather

The weather can be pretty wild. There’s nothing quite like those afternoon thunder storms, or waking up to see that a cold front has moved in!

Consider packing at least one-three opposite weather outfits. If your trip is expected to be warm, pack one sweater and a pair of long pants. If it’s cold, do the opposite and pack a pair of shorts and a shirt. I’ll never forget a family I saw at LEGOLAND in early November, a relatively warm time usually, except a weeklong cold front had rolled in! They were doing their best wearing pajama bottoms, and LEGOLAND sweatshirts. It really pays to be prepared!

Here’s what not to pack for LEGOLAND

These items are prohibited, meaning they are banned. They will not be allowed in the parks!

-Coolers with wheels (and if you have food allergies or dietary needs, see this guide for LEGOLAND Florida)

-Glass containers (go with stainless steel or plastic for food and water storage)

-“Banned” substances as defined by each park. Check your parks details before heading in with certain items (and consider just leaving them in your room before you head into the parks)

Packing for LEGOLAND wrap up

LEGOLAND has some items in their resort gift shops and then even more inside the parks, but they don’t have everything. If you need particular items, or certain brands, make plans for those items now! Pack a little bit extra and enjoy your trip (even if you do forget something!) Time is money at the parks. For all things LEGOLAND Florida, see this LEGOLAND Florida beginners guide.

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