Pack Like a Pro: Your Comprehensive Checklist for Fort Wilderness Packing

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Hey there, fellow adventurers! If you’re gearing up for an epic camping trip, look no further than the amazing Fort Wilderness in Walt Disney World Resort. Picture this: the perfect blend of Disney magic and the great outdoors. It’s camping like you’ve never experienced before! But before you hit the road, let’s talk essentials.

We’re here to give you a list on what you absolutely need to bring to Fort Wilderness to ensure your stay is comfy, exciting, and full of memories. Get ready for relaxation, outdoor thrills, and a touch of Disney enchantment in this ultimate packing guide for Fort Wilderness (and what I hope is an unforgettable camping adventure!)

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What to bring to Fort Wilderness 

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General Supplies for everyone in Cabins, Tents and Rvs at Fort Wilderness. 

Fort Wilderness is a great place to vacation, but unlike other Disney Resorts, it’s got some flaws. Mainly the mosquitoes and other bugs, the lack of lighting, and the amount of time you’ll be exposed to weather if you are walking, in a golf cart or using the Internal Bus Transportation System! 

Everyone should pack the following: 

  • Sunscreen 
  • Sun Burn Relief
  • Bug Spray 
  • Bug Bite Relief
  • Closed Toed Shoes/Comfortable Walking Shoes that can withstand mulch, sticks and uneven ground 
  • Pool Towels (life jackets available for use, and snorkels not permitted)
  • Flashlight or Headlamp 
  • First Aid Kit 
  • Rain Poncho or Umbrella 
  • Sun protection like Sunglasses, Hats, Sun Shirts
  • Portable Fans or Cooling Towels for March-December ( I love this neckfan from Amazon, I’ve used it two years now)
  • Trackers for anything that could ‘walk away’

RV and Tent Camping Supplies 

While there are Cabins at Fort Wilderness, most of the campers are here to stay in their own campsite. Below you’ll find packing recommendations for those staying in a Tent or RV. 

If this is the first time (or First Time in awhile) to the Fort, you may be interested in the other Must Know Details to make sure you have a magical time at Fort Wilderness.

  1. Tent (if camping), outdoor rugs, tarps 
  2. Sleeping bags, bedding, pillows
  3. Air mattress or sleeping pad
  4. Camping chairs
  5. Camping table
  6. Flashlights or headlamps ( I get the one dollar headlamps for the kids from Walmart, and then these Gearlight Headlamps for the adults from Amazon. We love how bright these are if we are to walk or fix something in the dark!)
  7. Lantern or camping lights
  8. Portable grill or camp stove (there is a built in camp stove available for use with charcoal) 
  9. Firewood, charcoal, propane, lighter or matches 
  10. Cooking utensils, pots, pans, aluminum foil 
  11. Cooler or ice chest
  12. Food and beverages
  13. Water bottles
  14. Plates, bowls, utensils, cups, mugs 
  15. Cooking oil, salt, spices
  16. Coffee, Tea, Drink Mixes
  17. Marshmallow roasting sticks (these are available for purchase) 
  18. Ziplock bags or food storage containers
  19. Trash bags
  20. Broom 
  21. Table Cloth or Table Cover and Clips
  22. Outdoor Lighting 
  23. Sunscreen /Sun Burn Relief
  24. Bug spray /Bug Bite Relief
  25. Hat or sun protection
  26. First aid kit
  27. Prescription medications
  28. Toiletries (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
  29. Towels
  30. Extra clothes and underwear
  31. Rain poncho or waterproof jacket
  32. Hiking shoes or sturdy sneakers
  33. Swimwear
  34. Flip-flops or sandals
  35. Personal toiletries
  36. Portable charger
  37. Extra batteries
  38. Books or magazines
  39. Deck of cards or other games
  40. Cash or credit cards
  41. Identification documents
  42. Maps or guidebooks
  43. Entertainment for kids (toys, coloring books, etc.)
  44. Portable fan or misting fan
  45. Laundry detergent (if planning to use laundry facilities)
  46. Bikes, Scooters and Helmets. (Learn more about Internal Transportation in this Fort Wilderness Transportation Guide. )
  47. a sense of adventure!

Unique Items to bring on your Fort Wilderness trip 

Fort Wilderness is anything but ‘the usual’. With it’s Frontierland charm, and outdoor approach, there’s a lot of beauty in taking it slow and basking in nature. That said, there’s some items you might want to bring, but are by no means necessary. 

  • String Lights 
  • Inflatable Blowup Accessories (think those giant Christmas Decorations, but for anytime! There’s birthday ones, and ones for every season it seems like on Amazon. ) 
  • Name Signs for your Campground 
  • Binoculars 
  • Guidebooks for Birds or Wildlife 
  • Wildlife Journal 
  • Glow Sticks 
  • Games, Card Games, Yard Games
  • Kids Camera 
  • Hammock
  • Pop Up Screened Gazebo
  • Portable Dog Fence
  • Golf Cart Decorations (everything from Pool noodles to Pool Inflatables zip-tied to the cart)
  • Decorations or signs for holidays and celebrations.

General Disney Packing Guide 

Lastly, I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t include some options for visiting the Disney Parks! 

  • Magic Bands or Park Tickets 
  • Strollers
  • Mickey Ears 
  • Autograph books 
  • Popcorn Buckets
  • Reusable Water Bottles or Budget for Beverages. 
  • Airtags for your bags, strollers and your kids (and also adults, because my Aunt does not even look at her phone when she gets to the Parks!) 
  • Sun Protection (listed above- but too important not to mention twice)

That’s all for what to Bring to Fort Wilderness

Remember to customize this list based on your specific needs and preferences. It’s always a good idea to check the weather forecast and plan accordingly. Happy camping at Fort Wilderness!

Learn more here about getting to and from Fort Wilderness from the Theme Parks and other Disney Resorts.

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