Easy Baby Packing Guide for Disney Vacation

Bringing Baby to Disney World is such a magical experience! Indeed, I’ve done it several times now with my two kids. It’s always fun to say “Baby’s First Trip to Disney World!”

What isn’t so fun, especially when you are caring for a baby under 1, is the packing. Babies need so much stuff! AHHHH.

So how do you know what to bring and what not to bring?

My general rule of thumb is this: you can’t overpack. but you can under pack. And if I had to have ONE thing- It would be my LilleBaby Airflow Baby Carrier– You’ll see most of my kids are worn in a carrier in almost all of my pictures LOL! They do get to walk and ride- I swear!

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My Oldest when he was under a year! Safely snoozing while Daddy and I did the Magic Kingdom.

With that in mind, I do have some helpful suggestions that might make the most of your Disney trip, especially if you are traveling with limited room!

The Easy Baby Packing Guide for your next Disney Vacation. Great For Baby's First Trip to Disney!
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Packing for baby under 1- The Essentials

What do you NEED for your vacation? Well, for starters you need a bunch of clothes. Something about vacation where you want to take picture and everything gets a stain. Bring lots and lots of clothes.

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We LOVE the Lille Baby Airflow- Perfect for Florida weather. My husband is wearing our 16 month old here.

I would also recommend a baby carrier AND a stroller (or plan to rent one from a rental agency NOT the park. The Park ones aren’t baby friendly). Why a baby carrier? You will be at Disney the greater part of the day, baby will want to be held, baby will want to take a nap close to you because all the noise is too much, you can’t take a stroller in the lines (but you can take and wear your baby carrier!!!!!) I’m a huge fan of the Lillebaby airflow since its made of mesh and keeps the parent and the baby cool. They also have a Disney Collection which is adorable! Other Great Brands include ones like ErgoBaby and Tula– I would avoid the Eddie Bauer and Infantino, those are not comfortable for more than 20 mins from mom or baby!

Then the stroller. It is a lifesaver for feeding baby, storing all your baby gear and hooking a fan to try to keep baby cool. Along with a stroller I would recommend a stroller tag and a stroller lock, just in case!

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You can leave them in the stroller on the monorail and the Ferry to Magic Kingdom- but not the trams or buses. Thats where a Baby Carrier is super helpful

Obviously you need a diaper bag. I’m a huge fan of JuJuBe Diaper Bags, but whatever you have, make sure it can accommodate a full day of diapers and baby clothing. Somewhere in the diaper bag, stroller, and other baby bags you need to have some entertainment and teething options.

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What to get shipped to the resort

I’m not going to lie- as a parent I am all about efficiency. Even if it might cost a little more, if it makes my life easier then I want to do it!

That being said, there are some items that you need for your trip that I would consider having shipped to the resort or hotel so you don’t have to lug them around. I love ordering things I need from Amazon and knowing that they will arrive at the right time (as opposed to something like Walmart, where they can extend the shipping time). Another option is to have them delivered by a grocery delivery service. These are items like Diapers, wipes, Formula and Baby Food.

Obviously if you cloth diaper and breastfeed this doesn’t quite apply, but I have helpful tips for both of those at Disney World as part of this ‘Bringing Baby to Disney World Series‘.

Plan for all kinds of weather!

Plan for all kinds of weather except snow! Well, maybe snow. It did snow here in 2010. BUT. that snowing point aside. You are going to need to plan for all kinds of weather regardless of what the weather report says.

Imma say it louder for people in the back- the weather forecast will probably be wrong! Florida loves to drop rain when 20 mins prior their were no clouds in the sky. So first and foremost, expect it to rain. Make sure you bring ponchos, I normally grab a multi pack from Amazon for every trip so I can just toss them when we are done! And a weather proof stroller cover will be SO useful- parking for the strollers is NOT covered. Also pack extra outfits and it really wouldn’t hurt if you grabbed a towel and shoved it in a random bag somewhere.

If you come in the winter PLEASE pack for both types of cold and hot weather. We can have a cold front come in overnight or it can be a beautiful 70 all week. You just never know. Don’t get caught without the appropriate clothes because then you’ll be rushing to by Disney Gear you didn’t plan to get. Yeah it’s cute- but expensive.

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Fun Stuff to Consider for Baby’s First Visit

A Disney Trip is super fun, even if you have a little baby that won’t remember much! Take the time to think about what would be memorable to you in the future. Autograph books are a wonderful sentimental item to have and look back on when you talk about “Baby’s First Trip to Disney!”. I’m also a huge fan of getting a stuffed animal/stuffy type toy that can grow with baby. Fun for the park and fun for home!

Another really cool thing I saw at one of my last trips was to get a Disney BOOK- not an autograph book, and have the characters sign that. Then you can read to Baby with their signed book! How COOL! We are getting one of these to start bringing to get signed (although we see Mickey way too often, maybe he will get his own page- or three!)

And The Custom Items!! Custom Family and Individual Shirts are always a blast. Custom cloth diapers, or diaper covers, are also a huge hit. Make sure you plan these in advance though- at least 3-4 weeks so that they arrive on time for you to pack for your trip!

The Essential Baby Packing Guide- a must know for bringing baby to Disney World!
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Bringing Baby to Disney World is so much fun! I promise. It will be even better if you plan ahead and take things easy. I’ve made an entire series about bringing baby to Disney World with lots of helpful tips you should check out! I also cover being pregnant at Disney World with other kids.

Did I miss any baby essentials to bring on Baby’s First Trip to Disney World? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from my readers!

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