From ‘Allergy’ to Purple Tip: Allergy Food Stick Update

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Disney is going all in on ‘Purple’ being the color for Special Diets Allergy Orders! Last year we had new stickers for Allergy Orders, and now we’ve added food trays and purple dipped allergy sticks to the lineup. See Photos and more details below.

New Update slowly rolling out over the last few months

Since December of 2023, we’ve seen new Purple trays, and in early Spring 2024 we saw the first purple tipped allergy stick.

At first I thought it was a shortage, and Chefs weren’t really forthcoming (I wonder if it was a test), but then I saw them more frequently and was able to confirm with several Cast Members that purple is the new allergy.

You’ll see new Purple Tipped Allergy Sticks on your next Trip

Most Quick Service locations also have a Purple Tray

Many of the locations with Allergy Menus (though not all) have implemented Purple Allergy Trays. This helps you know which item in your order is the allergy option, and is a nice way to separate allergy items in the kitchen.

Here’s why I like the change

While we’ve lost the ‘allergy’ on the sticks, I do like this new change.

It helps those who aren’t fluent in english (including our younger or learning disabled friends who have food needs), it includes those who don’t have an allergy but need safe food like Celiac, EOE, and autoimmune folks. Plus it’s a reminder that allergy menus are ‘friendly’ and need to be checked in person every time for cross contact and your specific needs.

Are you enjoying the change?

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