New LEGOLAND Coffee Shop at LEGOLAND Florida (allergy friendly options)

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There’s a new brick in town… and it’s caffienated!

We checked out the New LEGOLAND Coffee shop on our last visit and, despite the longer lines, were pleasantly surprised with what we found!

To see all the options for LEGOLAND Food Allergies, check out this ultimate guide!

Menu and allergy modifications at LEGOLAND Coffee Shop

For starters there’s fruit. Something that LEGOLAND as a whole is sometimes missing, and I was happy to see another options for purchasing whole fruits in the park!

The real winner here was this modified Top 8 Friendly Orange Creamsicle. I was SO happy to find a true allergy friendly option (even thought it’s *just* a drink) it’s still awesome to find an option that the kids can enjoy while my husband and I get our tea and coffee!

Then there was an assortment of coffees and teas. When I went the latte/expresso machine was down, but coffee, hot tea and the cold drinks were all available! They had regular milk, oat milk and almond milks available.

They had some premade items for breakfast, as well as some premade bakery items. None of these could be modified as they were produced in a separate kitchen and brought into the coffee shop.

Like this dairy free, almond milk, overnight oat option.

With multiple food allergies, eating at the resort or bringing in your own options for breakfast time meals is the best idea!

The full menu is as follows:

Espresso, americano, cappuccino, mocha and latte. Then there’s the Dirty chai, liquid chocolate bar, and hot tea. For Breakfast they offer Quiches, croissants and wraps (These contain several top allergens. You can see their allergy book to confirm!). And Bakery Items like the Iced Cinnamon Roll, Apple Croissant, Bagels and Cake! lastly the Tropical blast, Orange Creamsicle, and Strawberry Lemonade. These are all mostly allergy friendly! Yogurt cups, Fresh Fruit and Flavor add ons were also offered!

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