New Gluten Friendly Crepes at EPCOT (plus other allergen details)

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It’s always exciting when a new location opens up- and to get over there to see the allergen info and what’s available!

When the new La Creperie de Paris opened in France, it was shared online that they would have gluten free crepes but the truth is not exactly that.

Does EPCOT have Gluten Free Crepes?

No the crepes are not gluten free- only gluten friendly for those that can tolerate cross contamination. The crepes are made with a buckwheat flour in a shared facility, and are cooked on the same skillet as other crepes with gluten at the new La Creperie de Paris quick serve and Restaurant.

So I would not recommend these to those that have a severe gluten reaction or a Gluten or Wheat Allergy.

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***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Important note about how to order the crepes in France

There are two locations to order these crepes. The first is at the restaurant itself, which is a sit down restaurant that takes reservation, called La Creperie de Paris. It’s located in France in the new expansion that houses the new Ratatouille Ride.

I did ask if the restaurant could handle allergies, and the Manager took me over to the kitchen window to ” show me that they don’t have room. there’s no room to accommodate or have an allergy fryer”. (Side Note, if your curious about Dedicated Gluten Free Fryers, see the full list of gluten free fryers here.)

Quick Reminder that this location is NOT owned by Disney, but operated by a third party. This third party operates all of France, and while I’ve had success at the ice cream shop here, I can’t recommend any of the other locations.

The second place to order the crepes is the quick service walk up window. This generally has a line- so be prepared to wait.

I’ve waited twice now in line to talk about allergen info (I never take no the first time- my goal is to waste my time to make your trip easier!) and was told conflicting info both times. Basically, they dont like having to modify at the window and it was hard to get a chef to come and talk to me (they do have an allergy guide though!)

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    Let’s talk about Allergen Information for the crepes

    They do have a vegan/gluten less flour and yes the regular flour option has dairy because the flour has dairy.

    The vegan option, which is made without dairy, egg, gluten, or soy, is the buckwheat flour. It is cooked on a shared griddle making it a source of cross contact for everything.

    The fillings have gluten, The only filing that does not have gluten is the Ratatouille Galette with tomatoes, zucchini and eggplant!

    Other notable options at EPCOT

    I do highly recommend the kakagori in Japan, as well as hidden snack in Sunshine Seasons!

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