New Gelateria Toscana in Italy at EPCOT- Food Allergy Options and Review

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The new Gelateria Toscana in Italy isn’t technically new by Disney Standards as it opened almost eight months ago, but I was finally able to go over and give it the allergy review it needed!

Let’s look at the options available for allergies plus their procedures and if it’s a recommended stop. For reference, you can also get sorbet in France, and Kakagori in Japan if this location isn’t for you!

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Allergy options plus allergen procedures for Gelateria Toscana in Italy

They do have an allergy friendly sorbet. This sorbet is made on shared equipment and several of their flavors contain allergens- *so you’ll need to check availablility*

On this trip, the Lemon Sorbet contained wheat, but was free from other allergens and listed as Vegan.

The Strawberry Sorbet did not list any top allergens as ingredients, just the cross contamination risk as it is house made.

They also offered a plain vanilla and chocolate gelato. Vanilla only listed dairy as an allergen, and the chocolate listed dairy, egg. Both included a CC label for all the other major allergens.

We LOVED this allergen sheet, as it listed so many allergens. It included corn, citric acid, sesame, stabilizers!

The issue was not the detailed allergen sheet, but that most items are housemade and have significant CC risk, and then ‘deer in headlights’ look when I said allergy. (literally, the entire sheet either has the allergen, or has CC next to it)

This is a smaller kiosk and while their were only 5 people inside, it was the 5th and final person who knew to get a new scoop and grab the gelato from the back. We were thankful for that but it was pretty time consuming.

For the price, and the risk level, I would not recommend this for most people managing dietary needs.

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