New Dutch Trading Company: Allergy Friendly Options

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If you’re looking for a good place to grab some snacks at Universal Studios, New Dutch Trading Company over in Sapphire Falls is one such place!

It’s a mostly full-serve coffee shop that also features lots of goodies you’ll want to take back to the room with you!

But it’s really one of my favorite resorts for food allergies. I share a lot more in my beginner’s guide for food allergies at Universal Orlando– let’s just say that I REALLY recommend sapphire falls (and no, I’m not paid or compensated to say that! I just like being normal when it comes to food allergy restrictions.)

new dutch trading company

Universal has some pretty cool options for resorts, and like most resorts, good eats are pretty easy to find! New Dutch Trading Company definitely makes the list.

And even better–they have options for food allergies.

I’m always on the lookout for options with grab and go snacks for when I first get to the resort and I’m really hungry. (Or when I’m about to leave and have no idea what I might want on the way out!)

new dutch trading company

They have some grab-and-go breakfast options too, in case you’re in a rush and need a quick something to eat that’s portable and allergy-friendly!

I saw several different flavors of plant-based milks, including Silk soy milk and almond milk.

I also saw plenty of prepackaged treats with accurate labels, and a dedicated gluten free section! It’s always nice to see that!

new dutch trading company

If you need Starbucks–you’re in luck! They offer a modified menu, but if you want a full Starbucks option you’ll need to walk across the street to ADVENTURA hotel!

While this little shop is a good place for eats, I highly recommend heading over to the first floor for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at Amatista! It’s one of my top allergy sections at Universal and I can’t recommend it enough!

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