New: Dole Whip Witches Flight (ingredients, review, photos)

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Come one, Come all, to Swirls on the Water for Halloween eats! This is a new Dole Whip location that opened within the last year and has been a hit with the visitors and locals alike!

Located in Disney Springs, Swirls on the Water focuses on Dole Whip and Ice Cream options. It is a quick serve, and it’s rather small, but they do typically have a coordinator there you can talk to about allergen procedures, and allergy binders.

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***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

Allergy Ingredients and review for the Dole Whip Witches Flight

Cost: 6.49

Location: Disney Springs Swirls on the Water

There’s three ‘flutes’ of Dole Whip on the Dole Whip Flight. You can modify options (just be cautious as there’s so many ingredients it’s easy for a Cast Member to make a mistake).

My husband and non-FA kid taste tested all of these for me! They both loved the pumpkin, and the dole whip pineapple was normal (it was missing the sprinkles and edible art). The least favorite was the purple cheesecake, which my husband said tasted like blueberry.

The First Flute is a Purple Cream Cheese Frosting Soft Serve. It contains Dairy, Corn syrup, Coconut Oil and Soy Lethicin (plus blue dye).

The Pumpkin Soft Serve contains Dairy, Corn, Coconut Oil, Soy lethicin and Dyes. NOTE: It does contain ‘spices’ ‘natural flavoring’ and ‘modified food starch’ with no clarification. It only lists Dairy and Soy as allergens… so these other flavorings could contain gluten or other less common allergens.

Dole Whip Pineapple contains Coconut Oil and Corn. (they were out of the sprinkles)

Sprinkles Contain Soy, and have a CC warning for all top allergens + the chocolate discs have a CC top allergen warning as they are made on shared lines.

Items are available while supplies last through October

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