New Connections Eatery EPCOT Quick Serve- Food Allergy Guide

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It’s always an interesting experience for me to go to Disney World as a food allergy blogger… especially when it’s to visit a new location!

I never know what to expect, either I’m pleasantly surprised with some of the new concoctions they’ve whipped up (like th BBQ options at Regal Eagle), or… in this instance, left disappointed yet thankful, that there are options even if they weren’t the ones we were expecting.

Quick Reminder: There are two other Disney Owned Quick Serves at EPCOT. See Sunshine Seasons and Regal Eagle.

Next up, this is a Quick Serve. Quick Serves have less options than Table Service locations (see the Food Allergy FAQ for a better explanation) and the options can be somewhat limited if you manage Multiple Food Allergies. I highly recommend Coral Reef Restaurant if you are at EPCOT and want a more custom experience.

While there are a lot of restaurants to choose from (and many that are really good for you!) there are some I would recommend over others and then ones I’d skip. For the current list of ones to skip, check the Restaurant Skip List.

⭐ If this is your First Time to Disney World, you’ll want all the insider tips and done for you plans found in the Food Allergies at Disney World Made Easy Guide , Just Gluten Free? There’s a guide for that too!

Quick rundown of the new quick serve at EPCOT, Connections Eatery

If you don’t find something you like here at Connections, consider many of the other great options for eats at EPCOT in this food allergy guide!

Connections Eatery is located towards the front of the park, and is the easiest quick serve location to access. It’s also connected to Connections Cafe, which is the starbucks for EPCOT.

This location does not require a reservation, as it is ‘fast food style’. For a table service option that may better meet your needs (and Im a big fan of table service for food needs!) grab a reservation at one of the table service options. Here’s the updated guide for all the ways to get a reservation at Disney World.

Since this is a quick serve, it will be a permanent option, unlike the festival options which rotate each festival and year!

The allergy menu online showed a number of allergy options, but once I got to the restaurant, I was told in no uncertain terms, that the menu was super wrong.

The excited Bao Bun that was supposedly safe for 7 of the top 8 allergens? Non existent.

Allergy and Gluten Free pizza that’s found at all the other parks but absent from EPCOT? not happening here. (even if it was on the menu.

Allergy Options and Gluten Free options at Connections Eatery in EPCOT

Wheat Free/Gluten Free

Gluten Free options are (drumroll please) the plant based Nicoise Inspired Salad, Burgers on an allergy bun and modified, and Chicken Tenders!

The fries are made in a dedicated fryer, and there’s a dedicated area to heat up the allergy buns.

NOTE: This is an ACTIVE bakery. The Bakery is DIRECTLY connected to the Food kitchen and the cast members work in both and walk through both. If you have a moderate to severe Gluten/Wheat restriction, this location is not recommended.

Soy Allergies

Soy Friendly options are the plant based Nicoise Inspired Salad, Burgers on an allergy bun and modified, and Chicken Tenders! Items will need to be modified some!

The garlic spread, and mayo options, is the ‘soy free veganiase’ that you can purchase at the grocery store.

Fries have soy lethicin. Note there is soy present, in both Miso and Edamame.

Dairy Free

Dairy Free cheese and crust are available for the pizza, dairy friendly bun for the burgers (and dairy free mayo), and the chicken tenders also are dairy free.

There’s also the coconut mango shake which has no dairy (it’s plant based, but always check just in case! Plant based is not the same as dairy free with the introductions of lab made dairy proteins).

Egg Free

The Chicken Tenders here have egg.

The Buns and Pizza Crust are egg friendly. Most items can be modified to remove the egg.

Peanut Free

No peanuts used in the restaurant (yes to some at the connections cafe, known as starbucks). There is cross contamination for some items from the manufactor.

Treenut Free

Coconut Shake is used here, with other tree nut cross contamination. (yes to some at the connections cafe, known as starbucks)

Shellfish Free

No Shellfish at the facility.

Is this quick serve a good option for you?

Most people will find *something* to eat here. Sunshine Seasons remains the quick serve with the most allergy options… though were hopeful that more items will be added to Connections Eatery!

Follow along for more Food Allergy and Gluten Free News at Disney World.

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