New Allergy Friendly Cookies at Disney World (Gf/Wf, Df, Sf, Ef, Pn/Tn, Sesame free)

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We’ve got a new (and yummy) cookie in town from a dedicated facility at Disney World!

Previously, Enjoy life cookies (and several other Enjoy Life items) that were labeled with Disney Characters (an exclusive partnership!) were the preferred option on property. Mostly they were the only option on property that were made in a dedicated facility… but we weren’t complaining. It was a welcome treat to have a fun and reliable brand with Mickey Mouse across the front!

These Enjoy Life cookies are produced in a dedicated facility and free from 14 top allergens … but we’ve noticed a supply shortage lately! 

No worries my Free From Family! Disney World has an alternative that you can find at a few select places across the parks.

Introducing Home Free Cookies! 

They are free from gluten, soy, dairy, egg, peanut/treenut free, sesame free! See the shared lines statement- mostly dedicated facility 😍 They have shared lines with soy lethicin, and they test for peanut, almond, soy, milk and gluten proteins.

We saw two options this week at Animal Kingdom, with reports that they are also at EPCOT and Hollywood Studios! There’s the Double chocolate chip, and then the Chocolate Chip.

These have been seen occasionally at the holiday after hours events, particularly the snickerdoodle ones. So these aren’t totally new to Disney World. But it is new that you can purchase these during regular hours, and now you can purchase at the quick serves and in the app (mobile ordering!). 

I haven’t seen them yet in the Disney stores, but ordering these at quick serves is easy and quick with the mobile option as they are prepackaged! 

Simply go to mobile ordering app, hit your closet quick serve, click on allergy eats, and click your allergen. Scroll to the bottom and click on ‘allergy cookie’. Place your order and pick it up! Need more info about mobile ordering? Head to the 2022 Food Allergies Made Easy at Disney World to see all the details about how and when to use mobile ordering with allergies.

How was the taste test?

This was my first time having the Home Free Cookies… and I have to admit, they were yummy!

These are a hard crunchy type cookie and the bag had just enough for a health conscious dessert.

I prefered the regular chocolate chip over the double chocolate chip, my husband said there wasn’t much of a taste difference though. I’m curious to know what the other flavors taste like, and if we’ll be seeing them at Disney World!

Learn more about Home Free Cookies on their website

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