Breaking: New Allergy Friendly Chicken Nuggets at Disney World

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At anytime there’s multiple chicken nugget brands on Property, and most of these are items we’ve seen at other places or in the stores.

So when a Chef tells me there’s a new nuggie in town, and one He’s never seen before, and then we find it completely across the resort later that day…

It’s big news!

We aren’t sure if this is a new nugget that’s playing for keeps, or if this is just a replacement option because of supply chain disruption. (update October 28, we’ve had these at three parks and six resorts. It does look like these are going to be common for the time being!)

What we do know is that this new Chicken Strip brand has been spotted several places across property!

New Chicken Strip Allergy Friendly Option

It’s possible that Disney is looking to stream line the option, much like they’ve done with other treats and brands. For example, most Ener-G rolls have been replaced with Bloomfield farms (in fact, *most* allergy friendly breads on property are Bloomfield farms now).

The new Chicken Tender Brand is Bell&Evans. It contains Egg, Corn Yeast, and Soybean Oil. It is Free from other Top Allergens.

For the full ingredient list, refer to the Bell&Evans Chicken Tender Webpage.

We LOVED this new option. You can see in the pictures that the tender was not seperated, but instead whole chicken. This is a big improvement from other allergy nuggets that are more air than meat.

The only downside is that it does take longer to cook. At Restaurantosaurus where we first spotted them, it took 15 minutes. But at the Art of Animation Landscape of Flavors it took almost 30 minutes to cook them up!

Overall, we’re happy with this new addition and fingers crossed, we can get down to three or so options across property for easy planning.

As always, check with restaurant staff regarding brands and modifications for your dietary needs.

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