LEGOLAND Florida Tips to make your break your vacation

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LEGOLAND is low key one of the most laid back parks you can go to, but despite how easy it is to plan, there are still some tips recommended for making this vacation extra awesome! 

There are a lot of things to do in Central Florida- but the big four theme parks draw millions of visitors each month to the Sunshine State- and it can be confusing to know what advice goes with what park.

Our little family of 5 has done a lot at LEGOLAND Orlando, and it still surprises me how fun this vacation is! There’s tons of stuff to see, and do, and it’s way different than other local theme parks (almost has a cruise like feel if you stay on property!)

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Consider Upgrades before you buy

Not to hit you right outside of the gate, but out of all the Orlando Theme Parks, Legoland has the best options as far as upgrades per price.

You can upgrade to preferred parking, you can get a photo pass (called the Digipass), you can reserve cabanas or skip the lines! While other theme parks have these options, they tend to book up months in advance for wildly high prices. While things do book up at Legoland, there’s always few options if you check within a month of your trip. 

I LOVE upgrading to preferred parking, because it puts you under a shaded canopy. But the walk to the park is not long at all.

Adding on the Water Park is fun, but it’s also exhausting and not that large! Consider making it a second day.

Upgrades are one of those things that really make your LEGOLAND trip worth it!

Wait to buy the Digipass- grab it at the park if you want it

The Digipass is a pass that gives you photos, but it’s not like the other theme parks in the area (very similar to Seaworld).

The issue is that it can be hard to find places to have your picture taken, and it might not be worth it.

Right now, the Digipass is nice if the rides are working and the park is staffed with photographers. But this isn’t always the case, meaning that the Digipass is a big gamble, because you might not be able to use it!

Bring a fan as Florida is hot

➡️ not that dry heat the westerners brag about. When it’s 100 here, it feels like you are suffocating with the moisture in the air!

This is the most obvious and often overlooked item and I cannot recommend it enough. 

Florida is hot and humid… it feels like your skin is melting. I’m acclimated to this weather as a native Floridian and it takes all of 20 minutes outside to feel like I need a shower. 

A Fan, especially one that is rechargeable, will be such a game changer for your vacation! These are highly recommended for the stroller and the adults, while the kids are more than likely going to drop them ( been there, done that, 10+ times). 

For the 2-8 age range, we’ve found that either a small necklace fan, or a fan that is attached to the stroller but pointed outwards, is perfect for keeping the kids cool! 

Take Advantage of the Rainy Day Guarantee

Legoland Orlando has a really nifty rainy day plan that you’ll only find at this Orlando Theme Park. That’s right, other big parks like Disney World do not have this kind of guarantee, which makes it even more special for those visiting! 

If you didn’t know, the Orlando Area gets a large amount of rain each year, with the majority of rain coming between June-September. The weather policy at LLRO is that if any weather event disrupts the rides for at least 120 minutes, then you get a new ticket to be used within 365 days! Just visit the customer service before you leave for the day. 

Same for hurricanes. If the National Hurricane Society has issued a tropical weather event within 7 days of your trip (for Orlando area or your home) you can reschedule or cancel without a fee.


Characters are out and about

Here’s my best tip for meeting the characters. Check the times when you *first* enter the park, and make your favorites a priority!

The lines can sometimes be long, or the meet and greets too short, and planning them ahead of time saves your family the headache (and meltdown) of missing your favorites!

While Characters sometimes walk around the resorts (several times a day during most weekends), you won’t find them walking around too often at LEGOLAND. Instead you’ll need to go to the designated meet and greet stations!

Kids age 2 and up Need a Ticket now

LEGOLAND recently changed their policy as they added a new theme park (the Peppa Pig park).

It used to be, and still is at the other Orlando theme parks, that you only needed a ticket for those ages 3 and up.

➡️ Heads up, Now all those over 2 need a ticket at LEGOLAND.

They WILL ask, and you need to plan for your 2 year old to have a ticket!

Stay at the Resort (it’s practically it’s own vacation!) 

For a long time we kinda skipped out on Legoland, because we thought it would be too small or too boring. But I was wrong!

I’ve been fortunate to stay at all of the Orlando Area Theme Parks and we have NEVER experienced the kind of immersion that you get when you stay at LEGOLAND FLORIDA RESORT. 

There’s play areas, there’s fun eats, there’s character meets, there’s themed elevators and hidden surprises! and Parents. There’s a bar right next to the play area. Someone get the design team at LEGOLAND a gold star! 

Stop by Guest Services for help or to Celebrate!

Guest Services at LEGOLAND is amazing- and that’s after visiting all of the other guest services located at Orlando theme parks!

At Guest Services you can grab a birthday or celebration pin (they’re free!) and get some of your questions answered. we’ve found this helpful when trying to locate some items, or having questions about what we should do with our food allergies at LEGOLAND.

Check hours one month and one week before your trip 

One of the things that gets overlooked is the Park Opening and Closing times. These change with the season, and could change with inclement weather. Typically the park is open from 10-5.

You’ll also find that LEGOLAND isn’t open every day of the week, as Tim Tracker found out the one time he tried to visit every Theme Park in the area! 

➡️ Check the times about 4 weeks before you go, and then about one week before you leave. This will give you the time to make adjustments should you need to! 

Plan rest for the afternoon

There’s so many great places to stop by in the afternoon. Our favorite places include the Theaters, and the Botanical Gardens. Both of these areas are decently low crowd, and they are also part of the theme park admission. The kids really enjoy the Water Skiers- and they are fun- but the stadium is too hot in the mid afternoon.

This is one of our LEGOLAND Florida Hacks, as most people try to power through the day, but then they are totally exhausted the following day! Plan time for rest and it will make your vacation that much more pleasant.

Bring in Water and Snacks 

Legoland has a really good food policy, and it’s so helpful for the budget LEGOLAND trip! While the food inside the park is decently priced- you’ll run into the budget snags with bottles of water and snacks! 

But even if the budget isn’t your concern- standing in lines should be a big deal to you! Every Time you have to stop for water or to grab a bite to eat, your cutting into your park time. Bringing in a few small things is a great way to help your budget and your time! 

Pack a change of clothes (for everyone!)

There are so many water features at LEGOLAND, and the one in the DUPLO Valley is a legit splash pad! Bring a change of clothes in case you enjoy the water, or in case it rains!

Consider Upgrades 

Save MiniLand till the end of the day

Miniland, one of the central features of the park, is often crowded in the mornings and early afternoons. Save this area for the evening right before you go to leave- as it will not only save you time dealing with crowds, but its a fun way to end the day.

Miniland is a literally land of MiniFigures. Complete with many traditional and historical events, we love using MiniLand as a fun lesson on geography and other cultures/tourist destinations.

With the new overhang finished and installed, this area is no longer super hot, but also not the best for well lit pictures.

Add on the Water Park if you are spending more than one day there

Legoland water park is so much fun, especially if you are looking for something that’s more laid back than the other area water parks! 

The Water Park is normally open hours like 12-4 or 11-5 depending on the season. And you can easily spend your whole time there chilling in the wave pool, playing the assorted LEGO games, and exploring the splash areas.

There’s a lazy river that takes about 20 minutes, and they even have options there for infants and toddlers (something that’s hard to come by at the other local parks!) 

We are big fans of the water park, if not for the water, but it wears the kids out! 

Wrap Up 

Those tips, combined with an attitude of excitement at your vacation, will make this trip extra magical. You can expect to go and by wowed (and maybe alittle overwhelmed at the options!) as you explore the LEGOLAND Florida Resort!

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