Must Know: Prepackaged Enjoy Life Allergy Friendly Snack Shortage at Disney World

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Update for June 2023, It’s likely that the Snack with Character line has been discontinued.

Update December 2022, the Enjoy Life Products have not returned to Disney World. See our best guesses for why it happened, and when they might come back!

Disney World has some pretty decent snacks depending on your allergies and which park you visit. Magic Kingdom, one could argue, has many many treats/desserts/snacks that are free from many common allergens.

But there’s something about food produced in a dedicated facility that makes this Allergy Mom Heart Sing!

Enjoy Life, a top 14 free allergy brand, has partnered with Disney World for the last several years to bring several of their treats to Disney in a prepackaged Disney label. These are the same dedicated treats you know and love, but with a Disney Flair.

Unfortunately, they are out property wide! Thanks supply chain issues.

No Enjoy Life Here! Just the other brands in the “snacks with characters” line up

We first noticed this in December ahead of the holiday rush at EPCOT, and it has since spread to all the parks at Disney World.

If you were relying on these as back up treats, you will need to have another backup that you bring into the parks (as these were the only dedicated top allergen treat on property). You can still find a few of the regular Enjoy Life products (not the Disney rebrand) in some of the resorts, but it looks like those are selling out quickly too.

figurines in Zuri’s Sweets shop where the Enjoy Life Baskets used to be

Your best bet is to get these items delivered, or check out the alternative Cookie Disney has available for our allergy community. (no current alternative to to Ovals, Protein Balls, or Seed mix)

That coupled with the news about the ‘no modification rule’ for 50th treats has our community aware that Disney isn’t quite the same allergy friendly Mouse we used to know.

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