15 Must-Have Items for Your Disney Cruise Adventure in 2023

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Embarking on a magical voyage with Disney Cruise Line is an experience like no other. From enchanting characters to thrilling entertainment, a Disney Cruise promises endless fun and unforgettable memories.

As you plan for your upcoming Disney Cruise, it’s essential to pack wisely and ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your adventure at sea.

To help you prepare for the journey, we’ve compiled a list of 15 must-have items that aren’t the standard clothing/shoes, that will enhance your Disney Cruise experience. Here’s to a truly spectacular vacation!

This doesn’t include items that you’ll want to pack on Embarkation or Debarkation (your first and last cruise day). Here’s a helpful list of all the things you want to pack or consider packing on your Embarkation Day.

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I. All the Essential Travel Documents (obviously) 

A. Passports and Two Forms of Identification. If you are only going to the Bahamas, you can use your Birth Certificate. Check your specific cruise for what documents you need.

B. Disney Cruise Line Reservation Details (I bring these on my phone, but it helps to have them printed)

C. Travel Insurance Information. I typically get the Disney Cruise Travel Insurance, which my travel agent takes care of.

D. Cash for Tips minimum 50 dollars per travel guest if you prepaid tips for your Servers, or 150 per guest if you want to give gratuity in person.

➡️ Note, You can Prepay Tips for your Stateroom Host and Servers. The Cash Tips above are additional gratuity for Luggage Porters, Room Service, Bar Service Etc that don’t have the prepaid option. (you’ll have three Servers- The Head Server, Your Main Server, and then the Assistant Server)

If this is your first time on a Disney Cruise, Embarkation Day can be full of unknowns. Here’s a full tips sheet on the first day of your Disney Cruise.

2. Comfortable Clothing and Footwear + Dressier Outfits

A. Swimwear and Cover-ups. Two suits per person.

B. Lightweight Clothes for Daytime Activities. Linen, Cotton, Quick Drying Polyester.

C. Semi-Formal Attire for Evening Dining.

D. Comfortable Walking Shoes and Sandals. If you are going to the Rainforest Room, bring Spa Shoes, since they don’t always have options available to lend you. If you are going to the Gym, or want to walk the deck in the morning, bring Gym Shoes. Yoga is also available- they provide the mats and blocks- but you will need to bring comfortable yoga clothing.

E. Light pull over, Cardigan or Light Jacket. Evenings and Rainy Days can be chilly.

First Time Disney Cruise? See all my thoughts about what I wished I knew for my First Disney Cruise.

3. Disney-Themed Items and Accessories

A. Mickey Ears and Character Costumes. Disney Bounding is incredibly popular on the Cruise, since it’s a more relaxed atmosphere. Disney Bounding is where you ‘dress’ like a character with similar clothing, similar colors, or with noticeable accessories (think long braided hair with flowers for Rapunzel or a Heart of Te fiti Necklace for Moana) .

B. Disney T-shirts and Clothing. My Uncle has exactly two Mickey Mouse shirts, and I only see them when we head to Disney!

C. Autograph Books and Pens for Common and Rare Characters! While the Disney Theme Parks boast more characters, you do get to meet many options on the Cruise. Rare Characters are common on the Holiday Cruise, and there are cruise only characters depending on what ship you book.

D. Popcorn Buckets. You can bring your own, or purchase one on board. Popcorn buckets can be refilled for a few dollars when you head to the Shows and Theaters.

E. Disney Bounding Outfits 

Consider: Magnets for your Door! While not a requirement, a fun addition to the outside of your Stateroom. Also VERY helpful for knowing which door is yours.

4. Personal Care and Toiletries

Some of these options are available on the Cruise- but they are limited by the brand. See the picture below for examples of what products are commonly found on Disney Cruise Line.

➡️ Important Note, the Shops are often closed when you are in port. If you need an item, you’ll have to jump through some hoops for a Crew Member to get it for you. Take note of the times and get replacement items while they are open.

A. Sunscreen and Sun Protection

B. Medications and First Aid Kit

C. Toiletries and Travel-sized Essentials

5. Electronics

A. Camera 

B. Portable Charger and Charging Cables

C. Waterproof Phone Pouch

➡️ Note that Power Strips are not allowed.

6. Onboard Essentials

A. Reusable Water Bottle and/or Insulated Mug for Hot Drinks 

B. Snacks and Beverages

C. Day Bag or Backpack

D. Beach Bag

E. Towel Bands or Towel Clips 

Shop Towel Bands and Towel Clips on Amazon

➡️ Note You do not need to bring Towels, but some folks enjoy bringing a giant beach towel, since the ones provided by Disney are smaller. You can also purchase large beach towels on board and at Castaway Cay.

7. Entertainment 

Especially helpful for Embarkation Day or multiple rainy days where you’ve already done most of the options on board. 

  1. Books or Download options to Kindle 
  2. Update Games on Phone/Tablet 
  3. Card games or Trivia 

Note that you don’t need to pack certain items anymore

If you are vacationing on the newer Disney Cruise Ships, you will not need to pack magnetic hooks, clotheslines or power strips, as those have all been accommodated in the rooms.

If you’ve forgotten items, you can find many of them in the shops

Toiletries, Reusable Water Bottles, Clothing and Swimsuits and shoes can all be found on board for purchase.

While you may add other items, that’s a wrap on the Essential Disney Cruise Packing list

A Disney Cruise in 2023 promises an extraordinary adventure filled with magical moments and treasured memories. By packing these 15 essential items, you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your Disney Cruise experience. From comfortable clothing and personal care items to Disney-themed apparel and entertainment gadgets, these must-have items will ensure that every moment aboard the ship is truly enchanting.

Embark on a seamless Cruise adventure with a team of dedicated travel agents who listen, orchestrate and make your dream vacation come to life! Ready to take the first step in a planning a Vacation that you’ll remember forever? Connect with the team here!

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