*Mislabeled Allergen Alert* Plant Based Cupcakes contain Milk and Egg

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All of us in the food restriction community can agree on one thing… there is no anger like being told an item wasn’t made with an ingredient, only to find out it has the ingredient in it!

Cue the latest blunder from Disney World, where a plant based item actually has Dairy, Egg and Animal Product in it.

Vegan Disney Food was the first to break the news (you can read her post about the plant based confusion and issues here, or join the conversation on Instagram. Please support her work with a like and a share)

Seen here on this Foodie Guide, the Tres Leches Cupcake was announced as a speciality item for the Hispanic and Latin American Heritage Month (you can see my speculations for the allergy items on this post). It was described as a: Tres Leches Cupcake: Plant-based version of the traditional Colombian tres leches cake with vanilla cake soaked in almond, coconut, and oat milk, plant-based cinnamon, swirls of whipped icing, passion fruit boba, and a white chocolate piece featuring Antonio, Chispi, and Pico from Disney’s Encanto (New) (Plant-based)

These items were originally labeled as Plant Based, but are not now. The Signage at these areas will likely be quickly changed to reflect the ‘regular’ offering instead of making them without Dairy, Egg and Animal Product.

BUT WAIT, there’s more.

When you click over to the post you will see the absolute aducacity of a note that says:  “Note: sugar decoration and white chocolate decoration are not completely plant based, but guest can remove from cake before eating.” 

Wild right? It’s like the cake that had gluten but was labeled gluten friendly ordeal all over again. (thankfully that item is not longer on the shelf after months of complaining!) Or like the time we thought we’d get allergy friendly bao buns at the new EPCOT quick serve but they disappeared when it actually opened.

“Note: sugar decoration and white chocolate decoration are not completely plant based, but guest can remove from cake before eating.” 

Email Obtained by Suzannah Mitchell Otis at VeganDisneyFood.Com

The only shining light is that the cupcakes are not currently listed as plant based on the app (just listed as a regular specialty item).

And a Friendly but Frightening reminder to Please Always Check Ingredients. Mistakes like these are several times a year and while ridiculously sad that Disney Culinary is struggling this hard understandable that mistakes happen, please check for your own safety.

See more Disney Food Allergy and Gluten Free News Here.

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