Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration at Magic Kingdom 2019- All the details

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Don’t you just love it when Disney comes out with some new and exciting things for their guests! I sure do, and 2019 (and looking forward to 2020) has not been disappointing! They’ve rolled out some great new options and events!

So let’s talk about Mickey and Minnie. This year, for a limited time, we will see them in the “Surprise Celebration” event at Magic Kingdom.

Let’s see what all Disney World has in store for this magical addition! Or you can check out the Purple Potion Craze.

What is it?

It’s a celebration of course!

But what are we celebrating?

Mickey and Minnie Mouse’s 90th anniversary! Together they are spicing things up in 2019 at most of the Disney Parks and Cruises.

Mickey and Minnie's Suprise Celebration 2019- get all the details!

What’s new?

At Magic Kingdom you can see four new things. I’ll talk about the first two here and save the fourth (and best!) for last!

New wardrobe

This fun white and confetti redesign is just so adorable! Mickey is in a crisp white suit with adorning confetti and Minnie is a fashionista with her own bubble skirt pompom look. Honestly, I love their new outfits!

New Parade

The two of them will be celebrating with a fun new twist on an old parade. The Move It! Shake It! MousekeDance It! Street Party in Magic Kingdom. Join them in the afternoons as they move down Main Street to a magical celebration with other characters and fun music!

mickey and Minnie suprise celebration parade for 2019

Previously they had live hosts, and that has continued! What has changed is the choice of music. No longer is it modern pop, but instead, tastefully redone renditions of our favorite Disney Classics.

New Treats and Food

Foodies rejoice!

Disney has been working on some crazy and cool new stuff for 2019, and of course, the Surprise Celebration isn’t going to be left out!

While we don’t have as many options as DisneyLand (We NEVER do and that is SO weird to me!!!) their are still several new items popping up around the parks in honor of the celebration!

We’ve got the Mickey Burger at Cosmic Ray’s, the Minnie ice cream sink at Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, and an adorable new mickey birthday sipper!

You can view all of the amazing new treats here on Disney’s official site.

How long does it last?

We’ve officially been told that the celebration will continue on through September.

I’m of the personal opinion that it might trickle into October, and get gently phased out when all the fall festivities come out in full force (they start in august but really amp it up in October!). We’ll just have to see how long the new offerings last!

Mickey and Minnie Together at…

AND DRUMROLL PLEASE… the best part is a new meet and greet!

Previously, the only place you could find Mickey and Minnie was in Animal Kingdom or at Special Events! For this Surprise Celebration, Mickey AND Minnie will be meeting at the Town Square Theater.

This Character meet got a minor background overhaul, and of course Minnie and Mickey with their new outfits! definitely try to score a fast pass so you don’t have to wait!

More good news!

That’s all I have for Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration- but I do have other good news about things happening around the park in 2019!

Find out where you can meet Lightning McQueen- new for 2019!

Also, check out where the Potion Purple craze came from!

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