Main Street Confectionery Bakery- Food Allergy Options Magic Kingdom (PHOTOS)

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Inside the iconic Magic Kingdom, and one of the first food places that you’ll find (only Tony’s is closer to the entrance) is the Main Street Confectionery Bakery- home to yummy Mickey Shaped Snacks and treats!

Let’s look at some of the items they have available to see the ingredient list and what they have that’s safe for people with allergens. You can also look at this review of the bakery in Animal Kingdom to cross reference some of the items that you can find in many of the parks.

Enjoy Life Products/snacks with character

Enjoy life has partnered with Disney to make a ‘snacks with character line’ of products produced by Enjoy Life and baring the Disney Logo.

IT IS IN POOR TASTE that not all of the ‘snacks with character’ options are allergy friendly, so please look at the ingredients or for the enjoy life symbol to know that these products are safe for consumption. There are a few snacks with character options (made at a different facility) that contain nuts, wheat, dairy and soy.

WOW foods also has some of their gluten free cookies for sale in the ‘snacks with character’ line.

Here are some of the options that you can find at the Main Street Bakery.

Cotton Candy

There are two types of cotton candy available for purchase at Magic Kingdom.

The first is in a thin plastic bag and is made in house- you can see them doing it sometimes, especially if you come early.

The other kind is made by the goofy candy company and comes in hard plastic containers.

Prepackaged Popcorn

While the popcorn in the parks is safe for many people with allergies (not corn or soy) and makes it onto the top list of allergy friendly treats, there are other versions throughout the park that are prepackaged and can be found in the shops.


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