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Lightning McQueen at Disney World 2019

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It’s finally happening!! Lightning McQueen is coming INSIDE Disney World in 2019!

WOOOO Happy Dance.

My Kids are Huge Fans of the “Cars” Franchise- just like many other kids around the world. Lightning McQueen and now, Cruz Ramirez, are so fun and relatable.

That’s why I’m Extra Excited to see them in 2019!

So where is all this happening at? Well, originally you could find Lightning ONLY at Art of Animation- in themed rooms. Lame right? Kinda. I mean, the pool is themed like the Cozy Cone. Plus, there are larger than life replicas of some of our favorite characters like Tow Mater, Luigi and Sallie. So it’s fun, but it really lacks the Disney Magic.

We wanted something more!

Considering that DisneyLand has this whole experience geared around the Cars Franchise and they even have a special halloween show that is Cars themed- I was really feeling like we were missing out!

But no longer! Lighting is coming to Disney World and He’s bringing Cruz and Mater!

Lightning McQueen is coming to Disney World in 2019!

The Details for Lighting at Disney

Obviously you are here to learn the details. Like The Who, what, when and where!

Good thing I have the inside scoop.

Lighting is going to be at the most logical place- Hollywood Studios!

It’s not going to be a ride- no, we would have heard about that sooner. Instead they are doing a show, and since we know that it’s not a live show, we can only assume that it will be akin to the Muppets or Philharmagic. On a Large screen with plenty of interactive qualities.

Which makes me so excited! The premise of the show is that Lighting is back and ready to try the racing simulator we saw in Cars 3. He’s brought the whole gang with him too!

According to a Disney World Regional Imagineer– it will be unlike any show they have ever done before.

Woah. that gave me chills! I can’t wait to see what Disney World has in store for their first full blow Car’s Attraction!

This new show is aptly called, Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy, and it opens March 31, 2019!

Wrap Up

Are you excited for the New Car’s attraction? Have you heard any more details about the event? Drop a comment or send me an email so we can chat about this latest development!

I promise I’ll be there shortly to update everyone about the details of the show! I am so excited, it’s already marked on my calendar (and since Hollywood is my least favorite toddler park, maybe things will change!)

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