Liberty Tree Tavern Gluten Free and Food Allergy Dinner (review and photos!)

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Come on over to the old side of Disney World and experince the Liberty Tree Inn!

No seriously, it’s set up to be all old timey, from a hot wooden stove to very antique decor- they don’t even have bathrooms here (there on the second floor)! This is over on the left hand side of magic kingdom, and it’s by the quick serve Columbia Harbor House.

I went the other day with my youngest, he’s a ham and had a blast throwing fruit on the floor and cooing at our server (who was quite nice!)

We went for dinner time, but they’ve just changed their menu. It used to be that you could customize what you order, and you still technically can.

If you order before 3 you can make some selections, but after 3 everyone is served ‘family style’ though they did accommodate for my allergies! Let’s take a look at what we ate!

After going to the new quick serve in Epcot, I much prefer the ambiance of Regal Eagle for the ‘old timey’ feel.

***As Always, this is my personal experience. You should check with Restaurant Staff to see if these items are available for You and Your food needs.

What we ate at Liberty Tree in that was Dairy, Gluten, Soy, Egg free.

Let me start with this. Because everything is served no matter what, the Chef refused to come out to see me. And I do mean refused because I caused a stink.

I’m not sure if this was intentional, but 4 of the 7 tables in the George Washington room all had various allergies, and the chef was never seen once. And there was no allergy menu as everyone was served the same things.

I’m VERY thankful I ate at the Wave before I came here- and if my kids had been with me I would have left.

It was strange and not something I’m comfortable with- I’m thankful only my youngest was with me and he was quite content with the fruit!

I was served a salad with honey shallot ranch. I had a tiny bite and it was okish.

The main course was meat, stuffing, and potatoes. I was served butter with my roll. The roll I’m very comfortable with (but the butter tasted off so I declined to eat it)

For dessert, I was offered raspberry sorbet or a vanilla ice cream. Since I couldn’t speak with a chef to confirm if it was tofutti or so delicious (because I can have one and not the other) I opted for raspberry sorbet.

My thoughts

Overall- not my favorite and there are other places that I would recommend like The Plaza and Skippers Canteen where the Chefs and options are more agreeable for the allergy-friendly lifestyle!

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