LEGOLAND Resort- Ingredients for Soap and Bath Products

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If your an allergy family you know, you’ve got to check EVERYTHING.

And just looking at a new to you bathroom might give you anxiety because you don’t know if bath products are going to cause a reaction. Especially with the the pandemic, everyone wants to avoid a reaction and keeps those hands clean! LEGOLAND is different because of covid- there were lots of precautions and a few things we only saw at LEGOLAND (and not at Universal or Disney Springs!)

I get you allergy fam- I get you! you can find everything you need to know about food allergies at LEGOLAND– this is just a section of allergy information that you might need for your vacation.

Below you’ll find all of the products that LEGOLAND Orlando offers in their rooms, as well as the ingredients printed on the container. This is important to know before hand in case you don’t pack safe options- I had this happen one of the first times I went to Disney World. Having a topical rash on vacation from a new soap is NO FUN.

While your here, Highly recommend you check out the Ultimate Guide to Food Allergies for all your questions and some great tips!

Ingredients for Soap and Bath Products at Legoland Orlando

First lets start with hand soap. We used this without issue (celiac and FPIES family)

Shampoo in the red cap

Conditioner in the green!

Legoland Bath Gel (we did not use this)

Legoland Body Lotion (we did not use this)

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