Is Legoland Florida Water Park worth it?

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In the Theme Park world, the parks at each location are known as ‘gates’. So Disney World has 6 gates, Universal has 3 etc. 

LEGOLAND, with the water park (and peppa pig) technically has three gates, but most people don’t count the water park as a separate park

This leads people to wonder if the water park is even worth it, if it’s got anything special and why you need to walk all the way through LEGOLAND park to get to the water park. 

LEGOLAND Water Park is worth the admission, and you can easily spend the whole day or several hours there enjoy the attractions. The entrance is inside the regular LEGOLAND park to discourage locals from turning it into a hang out spot. The Water Park has several options for food, toddler play areas, big kid/adult attractions and it’s very own lazy river. 

Planning a LEGOLAND vacation does take some research, be sure to find check out the LEGOLAND Florida Planning Guide.

Curious if LEGOLAND theme park is worth it? We weigh in on that topic too!

Based on the reviews online, I was SHOCKED the first time I went. I was expecting a run down super small area… and instead it was quite fun! This isn’t to say it’s the best in Orlando (it’s not). It IS great for the 2-12 age range and was actually quite low stress and relaxing. 

Is LEGOLAND Water Park worth it with young kids?

We LOVE the water park with our younger kids for so many reasons! We are big water park people and have taken them to the other Orlando Options… but the LEGOLAND one is especially easy for us to use. 

For one, there is a dedicated toddler area at the front of the park, and it’s separated by a bridge. We’ve spent several trips just in the Duplo Safari Splash area without venturing over the bridge. There’s a ton of stuff for a three year old to do at LEGOLAND.

Once over the bridge, there is a wave pool (with islands for littles to stand on), a lazy river (grab a tube that has a bottom!) and a bigger kid splash area (good idea to pick them up so they aren’t lost when the water tumbles down!). 

For two, it’s not overwhelming. Sure, I like the excitement of bigger water parks, but I’m here with three kids under 6 and I want safety and ease. LEGOLAND water park provides that, while still having multiple attractions, and it’s a relaxing part of our trip. 

I wouldn’t really recommend LEGOLAND Water Park on an adults only trip, but there are some fun things in the main LEGOLAND Park that adults would enjoy.

There are “rides” at the water park, in the sense that they limit the amount of people and there’s a thrill factor, but the best rides are still inside the main LEGOLAND park.

Is LEGOLAND water park worth it with bad weather?

If you ever head inside the main guest office for LEGOLAND water park, you’ll see the lightning radar screen they have for monitoring. 

If there is a threat of bad weather, the entire park gets cleared out and shut down. 

Weather is a HUGE factor when choosing the rides/parks, as outdoor rides don’t operate when it rains or there is a threat of lightning. 

In those instances, you would want to have a backup plan. You can head to the inside shows (but prepare for longer lines!). While most people head to shows, shopping or indoor rides in the rain, I prefer to head to the resort to get some food and let the kids play on the inside play areas there (you can visit without being a guest too!)

Is LEGOLAND water park worth it with high crowds?

crowds are a big deal at all of the theme parks, and it’s no exception at the Water Parks.

It is NOT worth the visit if the park is at capacity, because it will simply be too hard to do things at the park. When we went on Christmas, it was at capacity and we had to wait almost an hour before entering.

If you want to promise a water park day, be sure to look over the crowd calendar before agreeing!

Overall LEGOLAND Water Park is fun for the day

If you are at legoland with a day to spare… the water park is a ton of fun! But if you are traveling just to go to the water park, I would consider another option.

If you have food allergies, there’s good news! LEGOLAND has some pretty good food allergy options for your family. (including the water park)

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