LEGOLAND Florida Trip Planning Guide 2021-2022

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2022 is sure to be a fun year after everything we’ve gone through over the last two years.

There’s going to be so much to do in terms of theme parks and LEGOLAND is even going to have a new Peppa Pig Theme Park! (plus the 50th anniversary celebration at Disney World, and new rides at Universal make for an exciting combo trip option since they are all in the Orlando Area)

Besides the new Peppa Pig addition, LEGOLAND will continue to have changes as the tourist season ramps back up after the last year+ of changes due to the environment, labor shortage and supply chain woes.

Slowly but surely, LEGOLAND is getting back to how it used to be preclosure. This is a positive note, and something we are all looking forward too.

There is still the question of LEGOLAND being worth it? And while there is an entire post detailing the in’s and out’s of what makes it worth it for most, for our family and millions of others that continue to visit this year, the answer is that yes- the park is still worth it.

Which brings us to our next biggest question- that of a Budget Vacation. It’s only normal as we see lots of upheaval in both the economy and these unprecedented times- what and how can you have fun and have it on a budget? That answer is less clear, but we highly recommend reading this Budget LEGOLAND Orlando Guide for those of you looking to make this an economical trip.

In line with a budget trip are those tourists who’ve added LEGOLAND on as a one day adventure while visiting the other parks and attractions! Since LEGOLAND is only about 45-60 minutes away from the other three Big Central Florida Theme Parks, it’s an obvious addition. There are some considerations to be made when only doing LEGOLAND in one day, which we cover in detail in the post linked.

The main things surrounded a one day LEGOLAND Florida trip are making sure you get everything you want done- like a bucket list of sorts. There are a lot of things to do, not just rides, but shows and character meets and fun building opportunities (which is covered in the LEGOLAND Bucket List)

How Many Days do you Need at LEGOLAND Florida?

If you only have one day, you can squeeze in a lot of attractions and fun. But for the full experience, you’ll want to plan for at least two days for the main LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park. If you add in a visit to the Water Park, the Resorts, and the new Peppa Pig Theme Park, you could easily spend four days at LEGOLAND Florida Resort.

We’d encourage you to check out this updated list of Florida Lego Hacks so that you can maximize your time at the parks! It’s not a cut and dry park (though some on the internet would like you to think you can just waltz into LEGOLAND with zero plans or research). While winging it is fun, it’s better to have some sort of plan in place for a trip to Orlando (especially if you have food allergies)

As Floridian Natives, LEGOLAND has been a fun addition for our family since opening 10 years ago. Below you’ll find information needed for your trip, as well as insightful tips and ideas for making your vacation amazing.

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1.When should you visit?

There are prime times to visit LEGOLAND, and then there are budget/off season times to visit.

If you visit during the prime times, you’ll find that all of the options and entertainment are open- but you’ll be dealing with higher crowds from tourists coming in to visit.

If you come during the budget/off seasons, you’ll find that while the crowds are lower, so are the offerings. LEGOLAND also closes some of the park days during this time (typically wednesday, but other days as well) and this could impact your trip.

There is an entire guide on the Best Times to Visit LEGOLAND, but for a quick reference guide, see this image below.

Weekdays always have a lower crowd level than Weekends (with the exception of Holidays). Most people visiting LEGOLAND are coming in on Thursday or Friday, and leave on Sunday or Monday.

Indeed, this style of vacation (over a long weekend) is so popular that during the off season times (like early fall and late winter) LEGOLAND is closed on weekdays, typically Wednesday.

Weekends also boast the longer hours, typically 10am-6 or 7pm. On Holiday weekends or high crowd weeks, you can expect a closing time of 8 or 9 (but those are rare exceptions).

Simply put, if you want a lower crowd experience, go during the weekdays on non holiday weeks. If you go during prime times of spring break, summer break and christmas break and plan to head to LEGOLAND on the weekends, know that crowds will be high and planning extra time will be essential.

2. Where should you stay?

There are three properties available at the LEGOLAND resort, and we’ve stayed at two of them with our kids (the third hasn’t been open for some time and operates seasonally!)

The two Hotels that are open year round are the LEGOLAND Hotel, and the LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel. The Beach Retreat, a budget friendly option, is located across the street and accessible by shuttle (that’s the seasonal one!)

Both of the standard rooms are set up identically, but the difference is the theming of the rooms (from the halls, to the elevators, to the insides- they are all themed according to the specific hotel!) Price is comparable to both- though the Pirate Hotel has an increased price as the amenities are newer.

For those with toddlers, I highly recommend the LEGOLAND Hotel, as the bunks are more sturdy, built lower, and the duplo legos come standard in the rooms.

For those with kiddos above 5 (especially those that love pirates!) , I highly recommend the LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel! The rooms are more modern, with a metal bunk bed and smaller regular legos in room. Both of the rooms are set up similarly though- so if you have a lot of patience either will be fun!

There are other local hotel options too, but the housing rentals are pretty slim. For local hotel options, you can stay somewhere like the Holiday Inn, Hampton Inn, Quality Inn etc. The town you want to stay in is Winter Haven (be wary of internet sites that try to send you farther away from LEGOLAND)

Where to stay is only one part of the equation though, and you can find essential tips for your actually vacation in this LEGOLAND Orlando tip post for an awesome vacation.

3. Age ranges for LEGOLAND Orlando

Some would argue that LEGOLAND is only for kids, and they technically aren’t wrong as it’s designed for ages 2-12. There are plenty of things there to do for this younger crowd, including some of the best rides in the Orlando area.

While the median age is around 6, guests under three still have a ton to do. In fact, three year olds have an incredible amount of fun things to do at LEGOLAND.

And yes… there’s even things there for adults.

Will an older child/tween/teen have fun at LEGOLAND Orlando? I would say yes. As a middle/high school teacher for several years, it’s amazing to me that we want kids to grow up so fast. These tweens and teens still have a lot of creativity in them, and a trip to LEGOLAND could do wonders for their ingenuity and problem solving skills.

Would teens also have more fun at say, Universal Orlando, or Seaworld riding all the rides? Also Yes. Ultimately you know your family best to decide if playing with LEGOs is a fun way to pass the time.

4. What to Pack for LEGOLAND

Besides packing your usual things, it’s important to pack some “theme park” items that will make your vacation easier.

Cold and Hot weather clothes (as well as rain gear) plus at least two pairs of shoes. Consider what you’ll need for the weather as well, like sunscreen, hats, sunglasses and a portable fan, you can get a handheld one( which I swear by) and also a stroller clip on one! *** make sure you check and charge before your trip- especially if you opt for a cheap model.

Easy to Carry Bags – They have drawstring bags and reusable shopping bags at LEGOLAND, but I think most people underestimate the amount of stuff they bring into the parks and the amount of stuff they take out of the parks! I always wear an over the shoulder bag or fanny pack to store my wallet and keys.

EyeCovers /Eye Mask – these are a must for a good night sleep. Every hotel I’ve ever stayed in is TOO bright at night, and the LEGOLAND hotel has this weird beeping light for it’s alarm system. Plus these will be helpful while your traveling.

Portable Charger – Save your phone battery with a portable charger. we use this one at every theme park (it’s the anker brand) , it’s easy to charge and holds the charge for what seems like forever! We use it for our phones and the rechargeable fans we talked about above.

Water Bottle – Bringing a water bottle inside is just a smart and easy hack that saves you time and sanity! Dehydration is no joke at theme parks (it’s also why we bring these electrolyte hydration packets with us!) And it can be hard to stay hydrated if you don’t have it with you.

5. Food Expectations at LEGOLAND Orlando

Next up, let’s talk about Food Options at LEGOLAND Florida!

For Starters, it’s important to note that the only table service/sit down options are in the resorts. So inside the parks you will only find more casual fast food type options.

There are multiple fast food type eateries inside the main LEGOLAND theme park, and two in the Water Park (although one is seasonal). The hours and offerings vary significantly, so listing them here would not be helpful. You can check the LEGOLAND app when you are on property to see what is open, and what the hours are.

Burgers, Pizza, and Nuggets Oh My. Ice cream too!

Eating at the casual options inside the park is fine for a one day trip, but if you are there more than one day, it’s important to get some quality eats at the Resorts.

Inside the Resorts you’ll find the Skyliner Cafe, Bricks Restaurant and Shipwreck Restaurant. These are all sit down casual restaurants with a good (but limited) menu. We’ve eaten at all three multiple times on several trips, and Shipwreck (the newest addition) is our favorite hands down.

LEGOLAND can accommodate Food Allergies, which you can read about more in this LEGOLAND Food Allergy Guide, but you should note that snacks will be hard to come by.

For snacks of all shapes and sizes, head over to Publix Supermarket which is directly across the street. You could comfortably walk, but it’s recommended to drive as the sidewalks are not very kid friendly (or you could have it delivered!)

If you stay on property, there is a small mini fridge in the room. We’ve packed breakfast items and some lunch items in the mini fridge with ease (think sandwiches, yogurt, fruit, etc).

Directly outside of LEGOLAND are a number of restaurants including Starbucks, Chick-fil-a, Five Guys, Boston Market etc. There is also a Walmart and a WinnDixie within 15 minutes as well.

6. LEGOLAND Water Park Planning

On property you will find a second gate at the very back of LEGOLAND theme park. Inside LEGOLAND water park are multiple activities for every age range. There’s plenty of stuff to do for the little kids, and for the big kids.

The Hours at LEGOLAND water park are shorter than the theme park, typically 12-4. We’ve found that this is just enough time to get in, get changed, play play play, grab a snack and then head out before they close at 4.

Is it worth it on vacation? We’ve covered all the in’s and out’s of LEGOLAND’s water park being a worthy vacation addition, but ultimately, if you are staying on property for a few days, it’s a fun way to pass the time. If you are coming only for one day, it’s not worth trying to squeeze it in.

a lazy river at legoland, the water is a light blue, and inside the water are clear tubes.

7. Other things to see nearby LEGOLAND

Legoland is roughly 45-60 minutes away from the other Orlando Area Theme Parks like Disney World and Universal. While we are a big fan of combo trips, there’s also a lot of fun in doing an exclusive LEGOLAND Vacation.

20 minutes away from LEGOLAND is the Bok Tower Gardens. The Bok Tower Gardens has a mini museum, restaurant, walking paths, regular gardens, and a most magical children’s garden. It is budget friendly to attend, and it feels like you’ve stepped into a movie!

For those of you looking for a combo trip, find information about Disney World with Toddlers, and a Disney World Preschool Itinerary.

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