LEGOLAND Florida Trip Planning Guide 2021

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Our LEGOLAND Orlando guide is full of tips, plans, ideas and information you need to have a fun and successful trip.

Plus, it’s free + up to date as we travel there frequently with our kids. Unlike some other guides that approach planning from a clinical regurgitated view, we try to give you the good, the bad and the ugly about what to expect at LEGOLAND Orlando.

The good news is that LEGOLAND is constantly adding new entertainment despite the ever looming scare of airborne disease. This, accompanied with a regular and thorough cleaning routine (even better than the Mouse down the Road) is helpful for peace of mind on your trip.

There is still the question of Is LEGOLAND worth it? And while there is an entire post detailing the in’s and out’s of what makes it worth it for most, for our family and millions of others that continue to visit this year, the answer is that yes- the park is still worth it even with the changes.

Which brings us to our next biggest question- that of a Budget Vacation. It’s only normal as we see lots of upheaval in both the economy and these unprecedented times- what and how can you have fun and have it on a budget? That answer is less clear, but we highly recommend reading this Budget LEGOLAND Orlando Guide for those of you looking to make this an economical trip.

In line with a budget trip are those tourists who’ve added LEGOLAND on as a one day adventure while visiting the other parks and attractions! Since LEGOLAND is only about 45-60 minutes away from the other three Big Central Florida Theme Parks, it’s an obvious addition. There are some considerations to be made when only doing LEGOLAND in one day, which we cover in detail in the post linked.

The main things surrounded a one day LEGOLAND Florida trip are making sure you get everything you want done- like a bucket list of sorts. There are a lot of things to do, not just rides, but shows and character meets and fun building opportunities. We’d encourage you to check out this updated list of Florida Lego Hacks so that you can maximize your time at the parks!

1.When should you visit?

There are prime times to visit LEGOLAND, and then there are budget/off season times to visit.

If you visit during the prime times, you’ll find that all of the options and entertainment are open- but you’ll be dealing with higher crowds from tourists coming in to visit.

If you come during the budget/off seasons, you’ll find that while the crowds are lower, so are the offerings. LEGOLAND also closes some of the park days during this time (typically wednesday, but other days as well) and this could impact your trip.

There is an entire guide on the Best Times to Visit LEGOLAND, but for a quick reference guide, see this image below.

2. Where should you stay?

There are three properties available at the LEGOLAND resort, and we’ve stayed at two of them with our kids (the third hasn’t been open for some time and operates seasonally!)

The two Hotels that are open year round are the LEGOLAND Hotel, and the LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel. The Beach Retreat, a budget friendly option, is located across the street and accessible by shuttle (that’s the seasonal one!)

Both of the standard rooms are set up identically, but the difference is the theming of the rooms (from the halls, to the elevators, to the insides- they are all themed according to the specific hotel!) Price is comparable to both- though the Pirate Hotel has an increased price as the amenities are newer.

For those with toddlers, I highly recommend the LEGOLAND Hotel, as the bunks are more sturdy, built lower, and the duplo legos come standard in the rooms.

For those above 5, I can’t recommend the LEGOLAND Pirate Hotel enough! The rooms are more modern, with a metal bunk bed and smaller regular legos in room. Both of the rooms are set up similarly though- so if you have a lot of patience either will be fun!

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